Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thought Provoking Movies

I have been knitting most nights trying to complete a prayer shawl and I am very close to completing it. I am not sure if I will donate it to the organization I was planning on though, because I haven't exactly been meditating prayers into it as it was being constructed. I have been watching movies like the one above that are very thought provoking. Gran Torino was one of those movies I found myself trying to analyze when it was over. I may watch it a second time and see if I come away with a different perspective. The movie put me into a space that I don't personally have to deal with, because I don't live in a neighborhood that is like that. Or at least not to my knowledge. I don't mingle with the neighbors all that much, and don't know all the latest gossip. I have never heard or seen of any gang related incidents around where I live. St. Louis was listed as the most dangerous city in America in 2006, but I don't think we have been on the list for the past 3 years.
This movie was thought provoking for me in the same way that a movie called "The Mission" was. It left me wondering what choices I would make if I were in those situations. Is it better to leave people alone and to avoid getting involved, or to stand up for what is right. I had to laugh at Clint Eastwood's growling grumpy character though, especially the scene where he was sitting on his porch grumbling under his breath about the woman next door, and she was also grumbling in a different language about him. There were a lot of humorous scenes in this movie also. He tries to teach the young boy next door how to act like a man, and those scenes had me laughing out loud.
I am not real fond of movies with a lot of unnecessary violence in them, but I wouldn't say this movie fit into that category. The violence that was in there went with the story.
I have been having to watch movies in the evening because there is nothing on TV that interests me.
Our weather has improved the past 2 days. We sure needed a break from the rain. I better get out and enjoy it today.


Rudee said...

Gran Torino was an interesting movie that was filmed right here in metro Detroit. The homes in the area and the cultural mix are authentic. I'm not so sure about the Hmong gangs. I haven't seen, read or heard about anything like this really going on. Walt Kowalski is probably based on someone real though I don't know any like him who would insult everyone like that to their faces. It was certainly provocative.

I've been watching the news a lot lately. I'm completely fascinated by the happenings in Iran.

Myra said...

I think I am going to have to rent that move! The commercials of that movie peaks my interest. Would be a good movie for a hubby and wifie to watch I think! 8-)
We are starting to have a lot of shootings and stabbings in one area of our city. Getting scary for the people that have lived there for 40-50 years... The seniors don't even like leaving the house to go for a shop for fear of being mugged and such... Such sad situations for the innocent...
What gets me is the question "why is this happening"... Duh!!! You bring a family up watching all the violent movies/TV-shows/video-games, what do you think you are going to get!?!?!
Great that the rain has let up some for you! Enjoy!

Sandy said...

I may have to watch that based on your recommendation. Kind of chuckled at the fact that your prayer shawl isn't really a prayer shawl...but how about just a focused half hour or so when it is done...maybe that would be good enough.

we will be leaving tomorrow and not sure whether I'm taking my laptop or not because we will be pretty busy.

Patty said...

I would also like to see this movie. Previews looked interesting.
I know what you mean about not much on TV. We watch a lot of TVLand reruns of old sitcoms and also the Nick channel. We is our granddaughter and me, plus her Mother. Grandpa is always in the other room watching something on the History Channel or some PBS station.

Winifred said...

I don't watch many films just the odd one that's on telly. Sounds like this was an interesting one I'll look out for. I tend to watch the drama series that are showing at the moment like Ashes to Ashes, Kingdom and there's a new psycho comedy starting tonight I'm going to watch. Just heard they are filming 3 new Cranford programmes for winter. I loved that series so I'll be on the look out for them.

That sounds scary Brenda having that kind of violence.

Are you going to show us the finished shawl? I've been doing cross stitch over the last few weeks but I've decided it's much too slow. In the future I'm sticking to knitting and crocheting. I can also watch telly whilst I do it.

Brenda said...

I looked into the movie a little and saw it was filmed there. The interesting thing for me was the Hmong people, because the Quilt Show I go to in Kentucky always has a booth with their work. I bought one of the kits to try and make this invisible applique or reverse applique. I am drawing a blank right now. They sit there and demonstrate how they do this and they do it so fast and it is so beautiful or at least it is to me. I remember reading about them when I first saw them at the show years ago.
Can you imagine Mr. Larger than Life living next door to this Walt character?
I should be watching the news more. Maybe I will catch up tonight.

Yes, I think your husband would like it. My son recommended it to me, and I am glad I watched it.
I feel bad for kids growing up today because of so much crime, or at least it seemed like more to me compared to when I was a child and teenager.

Ha...yes any type of prayer for any length of time would probably be fine. I started out not doing too badly, but it has taken me about 4 movies so far to get this done. That is at least 10 to 12 hours.

Abe sounds like my husband. He always watches those channels also.

I will take a photo of it and post it. That is how I remember doing these things. Ha. I remember having done many hand made things that I never took a photo of and now I wish I had.
Hope you show your cross stitch also. I liked your tiny little project you found not long ago.

Gramma Ann said...

I'm into fluffy movies, nothing I have to think to deeply on. ;) Look forward to seeing the shawl.

Renie Burghardt said...

I'm not into watching any movies that are even remotely violent or scary. Of course, the news, which I do watch, are pretty scary, too.

Our rain finally ended as well, and the heat is on. We've been in the mid-90s the last couple of days. Summer has arrived.

Looking forward to seeing your finished prayer shawl. Have a great weekend.



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