Friday, June 26, 2009

Try Not To Take Yourself Too Serious....

My blog title was something that a friend once told me many years ago, that I try to remember when I get a little bent out of shape. Like most people I tend to get upset over nothing sometimes, but with age I think I have come to realize that most things are just not worth getting too upset over. Another more pressing matter will come along in a few days and steal the limelight of the thing I was upset about a couple of days ago, anyway. A person could stay in a never ending cycle of rants if you couldn't allow some things to just pass by.
For me, venting to my husband usually helps me to get past whatever is bugging me, but I also have found blogging is very therapeutic.
When I was a teen I had a diary with a lock, as did most young girls then. How silly was I to think that those locks really worked and would keep all readers out of my personal thoughts! I am glad that I don't still have them because I am sure I would be embarrassed at whatever it was that I thought was so important during that time in my life. I would, however, have loved to have read some things I may have written about The Beatles, or JFK's death, or something of a historical nature.

I also loved to write letters. Stamps were 4 cents in 1960. I wrote to my cousins and my grandma and my aunts and later to my best friend when I moved to another town. I loved to write. I think I used to like to practice my cursive handwriting and experimenting with different pens and paper. I remember the first time I wrote on onion skin paper and buying an airmail envelope. Stationary was so much more plentiful back then than now. I have tried to find stationary and have a hard time finding any. I am thinking it just isn't used that much anymore.
Now with blogging, facebook, twitter, myspace, and email as a way to communicate the postal services are taking a backseat. I have found that my handwriting has really gone to hell in a handbag. I also can not spell worth a damn. My grammar and punctuation are hideous also. I do this.... a lot! It is meant to be a pause, but I honestly do not remember what I learned about proper grammar.
I also feel as if some of us may be taking blogging and some of the other social networking too serious. Are we too concerned about our followers and comments, and do we get our feelings hurt if a fellow blogger doesn't visit our blog sometimes? I try not to think too much about those things because I usually just think of all the reasons why a person may not have visited a post I did or left a comment. I know that many times I am reading someones blog post and may even be ready to leave a comment and then the phone rings or I get interrupted and may not get back to that post for whatever reason. None of it intentional, just life gets in the way sometimes. I think with letter writing, we received a letter from a friend or loved one and had plenty of time to answer, and of course the mail was slower then. When I was younger my family only had one car and I walked most of the places I went to. It was kind of a big deal to write a letter and get to the post office. The conveniences we have now make communicating easier, I think.
I have tried to figure out facebook and twitter and I just don't think I am going to get the hang of those two. I am too confused about who is talking to whom. And what are you supposed to say on there....just a one line sentence like, "I am going to bed now." I don't get it.
With blogging I get to ramble on and on and bore you all to tears. And then I feel better. I got to express myself and I wasn't interrupted in the process like when you are having a real-time conversation.
If you have managed to read this far, please leave a comment and tell me if you had one of those diaries with a pretend lock, and did you write long long letters before computers. Have a great weekend!


Reader Wil said...

Hi Brenda! I could have written this post! You have said exactly what I have thought. Sometimes I miss one or two regular visitors. Then I think that the blogger might be ill or offended by me, even if I always try to be kind. Writing in a foreign language is sometimes confusing! Well I shan't take myself too seriously in future.

Gramma Ann said...

Brenda, I think every teen-ager had a diary in my day, with or without a lock. I had a brother who loved to bug me so I had to find a good hiding place for my diary. I really loved the autograph books, I wish I had kept my autograph books. It would be fun to read what your friends wrote now. I do have my yearbook from the year I graduated and it is fun to go back and read some of the things written in it from classmates. I remember trying to get a comment from each classmate.

Yes, I also use to write letters to friends, but no longer do. Actually, now I hate to write letters. But, I don't mind leaving long, boring comments on your blog....go figure.


The Clever Pup said...

Thank you very much for visiting. I appreciate it.

Renie Burghardt said...


First of all, I love the new look here! Wish I had time to change mine, it's so plain. But, I don't.

I used to have a diary, but my grandparents couldn't read in English, so I didn't have to worry about them reading it. I also enjoyed writing letters. These days, it's email, for the most part.

I enjoy blogging, Facebook and Twitter, but all of them are a now and then thing for me. Real life is more fun!

Well, I'd better run. Goign to the cabin on the river, and will be in a jet ski by 8 AM! Have a great weekend. Gonna be a hot one today, but you have the pool to dip into and cool off. I have the river.

Huggies and cool breezes,


BJ said...

Hey Girl! I loved your post! And it is so true...everything that you wrote. I know sometimes I will quickly stop a little...go to the next..not leaving comments...thinking I will go back and do that. I do think that blogging is very competitive. And I'm really not into ratings. I like facebook because you can make a comment on the wall of your friend....even though all of your friend's and your friend's, friend's can see the comment. It's quick. You don't have to put a lot of thought into it. You can still post pictures and keep in contact with people, and also find old/new friends. It's not for everyone...but it's quick and that's what I like about. Sometimes I never write anything...but I can scan what friend's have written.

Have a wonderful weekend. It is a lovely day here.....we are overdue!

Patty said...

Nope, never had a diary. But if I had, I'm sure my sister or one of my two brothers would have figured how to open and read it. I also didn't like writing much. Still don't write many letters unless it's on the computer and I e-mail it out. Let's face it, I'm lazy, plus I never had nice handwriting and was too dumb to realize you ahve to practice it to make it better. Have a great week-end.

Winifred said...

What a lovely thoughtful post Brenda.

Have to admit I was never a diary writer. Not sure why, probably because there was nowhere to write in private in our house. Homework was very difficult!

I must have managed to write letters though. I had a penfriend in the USA and one in Spain. However only one contact survived the years, my Spanish penfriend Marisa. Maybe we had more in common despite the difference in languages. We're still in touch after fifty years and my Spanish hasn't improved that much. She is so lovely. I must write a blog about her some time. She's the reason for my Barcelona fixation, it's where she lives.

You're right about writing paper and envelopes being hard to find. I usually just buy boxes of blank cards and drop notes to people who I can't contact by email.

I do like your blogs Brenda and like you I find it's quite therapeutic. Helps you get things off your chest as we say. Cheaper than a psychiatrist and probably more effective too.

The Crusty Crone said...

Spot on, as the Brits say. And it looks like everyone else relates to your comments, too! I agree with everything you shared except one thing. I have never found your blog entries to be boring. Never.

I love stationary (or is it 'stationery'. hmmmmm. I'll look later. See, I'm a lousy speller too.) And when I say stationary I mean all papers and writing tools... not just the ones for letters. And I love beautiful penmanship. Probably because I don't have it. I start out trying to write "pretty" but it ends up being all lopsided, leaning, and messy. Sigh.

I use the "..." thing to indicate a pause too. Whatever works. I think technically three dots means part of the dialog has been omitted, but since we're not technical writers, who cares.

Lordy, I think I almost wrote a blog entry, but this is a comments section. Let me stop here, but only after saying that I use to journal in notebooks (mainly compaints or whining) and then periodically destroy them, lest they get into someone's hands.

The electronic age has made writing so much easier and efficient. Writing by hand cannot keep up with my mind.

Oh, and about comments. I would hope folks only leave comments on my blog because they wanted to and not as a social OBLIGATION. And how many people actually go back and see if the blogger has responded? (don't answer that. it will make me feel bad.)

The Crusty Crone said...

I came back to confess. Every once in a while I will look at other bloggers' stats (how many visits to their profile, etc.) and feel badly (for a second or two only). For example, I've been blogging for four years and have 1300 hits on my profile. I just looked at someone's profile that had 8,800 hits and they've only been blogging for a year. Maybe it has to do with me not leaving comments. Ya think?! hahahaha

Rudee said...

I could have written this too. I've been noticing that all of a sudden, I've got quite a few followers. That surprises me because I never expected that. Whenever I post again, it'll be my 500th post. Go figure.

I try to be a reciprocal blogger. I've tried hard to visit sites and leave comments, but I notice that some people never comment at all. When their comments on their own sites drop off, they write asking why. Well hello? It is a reciprocal relationship.

That's enough about that. Let's talk about you Brenda. I was so touched that you sent me and my brother, Fred, a sympathy card when his niece died unexpectedly. You emailed me one when my precious dog died. You're incredibly thoughtful that way and that's why I visit here-because I like the humane being that you are and it shows in what you write about. If I'm ever in your neck of the woods, I'm going to hook up with you because that's what friends do. I consider you a friend.

In the meantime, I'm sending you a giant {{{{{{hug}}}}}}.

Brenda said...

Your posts could never be offensive. They are always very educational. I always learn something when I visit you. I think our time differences causes me to miss some of your posts. It could be google just not updating your post. Your English is better than mine and English is the only language I know....ha.

Ha ha ...yes those pesky brothers. I had some. My Mom and Dad kept their letters from WWII until my brothers found them and read some of them and then my Mom burned them in the coal stove. I was so sad to see that happen. She had them bound so lovely in a leather case. I would have cherished them today.
I remember the autograph books also. And the autograph dogs. I didn't save any of those things.
I appreciate your comments and they are certainly not boring!

Cleaver Pup,
I will try get back to visit you. I hope you had a great birthday!

I like to change my blog around often. The colors on a mac are so different from my laptop. Sometimes I like the darker background and most times I like the lighter ones. Thanks for noticing.
Have fun on your jetski!!!

Glad you are having more time to visit now. I hope your summer is going well and I do enjoy seeing you and a few other bloggers on facebook. My daughter really likes the simplicity of it also.
Maybe it will grow on me....

Looks like you have a new avatar. I would have guessed you would have had a diary.

Now I know why you love Barcelona so much. You must get to visit your friend when you go. How cool!
I wish I could speak another language. I have always been afraid I would say the wrong phrase and insult someone.
I hope you will do a blog post about her soon.

I think I have a fetish (not sure if that is the correct word) about ink pens. I have hundreds probably around the house and still buy more. I also love paper and magazines and books. Just can't get enough of them. Maybe I am weird..don't answer that. Ha
I do go back and check for answers to comment on blogs. I think more people do than don't. Hey you answer sometimes too on your blog.
I have noticed that if you don't go visit and comment then people are less likely to visit you and comment, so I try to stay in touch with the friends I have made on the net. I also worry about them when I haven't heard from them in awhile.

Thanks Rudee,
I feel the same way about you. You were one of the very first bloggers I ever left a comment to.
I think Sandy was second.
I do wish you would come visit me. Really...I would love it! Seriously!

PhilipH said...

Excellent read Brenda. I can go along with what you say. Letter writing is something I still enjoy, and receiving a letter is so much more enjoyable than an email!

I read quite a few blogs before starting one. Mine is a sort of biography or a reflective diary. I enjoy writing it and now have time to do so.

I have some actual diaries that I wrote twixt 1975 - 1985, but I was rather depressed when I made an entry. I seldom add to these books now.

Somebody once said: "Keep a diary and one day it might keep you!"

An actress maybe? Think it was, cannot remember who though.

Myra said...

I had a diary for a short time and then threw it out. My mother was a major snoop!!!
I used to write to penpals, and loved writing stories. My spelling and such are suffering greatly now too...
Today's day and age no one has the patients it takes to do anything other than email and such...

Rositta said...

Brenda, I never had a diary my parents would have thought that frivolous. When we first came to Canada I just shy of 8 and it became my weekly duty to write letters to both sets of grandparents while my Dad wrote to his siblings. I think my parents used this as a way of getting me to not forget my German writing. It worked by the way, I can still write a letter in that language although I definitely have a grammar problem in that language. Oh well, I have the same issue in English sometimes. I also have every letter I ever wrote to my Mom after leaving home. She kept them all and I recently read them. Seems I was always asking for money, sigh...ciao

Anonymous said...

Boy, Brenda, we are on the same page with a lot of this. I remember writing letters I loved it. Now I email and find blogging to be very helpful in connecting with people; love that I'm meeting new friends and feeling more connection in life. I've not done as much since changing to word press.. not sure why.
I'm also not that good on face book I get confused and forget to go on most of the time. Loved your post

Anonymous said...

Boy, Brenda, we are on the same page with a lot of this. I remember writing letters I loved it. Now I email and find blogging to be very helpful in connecting with people; love that I'm meeting new friends and feeling more connection in life. I've not done as much since changing to word press.. not sure why.
I'm also not that good on face book I get confused and forget to go on most of the time. Loved your post

Sandy said...

Wow sure enjoyed reading you on my catch up through your blog! I remember that onion skin too, and I use to love to write letters and now my hand just wants to cramp up...

Still catching will scroll on down....

only one grandchild to night, Hunt is spending the night but he gave me a break to sit on my bed and look at blogs.

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