Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Arlington Hotel

Here are a few photos of the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. It was rebuilt in 1925 after a fire burnt the second one to the ground. (The original one needed renovation because it was built in 1875) It sits on a corner lot on Bathhouse Row. This is the second time we have visited Hot Springs. We went there once many years ago when our children were young teens. We have always had a subscription to National Geographic and for a few years we got their Travelers Magazine. One year they had an article about a scenic fall drive to Hot Springs, Arkansas and we took advantage of it that year. They also recommended this historic hotel, so we stayed there. That trip was just a quick weekend trip and I honestly don't remember all that much about it other than the beautiful scenic fall colors. When we visited it on this trip a few memories came back about the hotel.

The decorating and architecture are what I would call Spanish-Colonial. There are 2 very large murals in the entry. The picture above is the stage area where I performed that night. Ha ha...just kidding. It is where someone performs, I suppose. It was set up for a small band.

This is a close up of the mural on the opposite side of the stage area. It is very colorful. It resembles some of Henri Rousseau's art. We have several Rousseau prints in our home and I think Bob has one in his office.

The entry is very bright and cheery and there are lots of comfortable sitting areas.

We did not stay here on this visit. But what I remember about the rooms were that they felt their age. Nothing much modernized that I remember. I am sure that adds to the charm of the hotel, and does take you back a few years, so in that respect it is a fun adventure.

I love the yellow and green decor here in the entry.

A closer look at the stage.

There were some parts or areas in Hot Springs that were just not all that pleasant looking.
I suppose all towns and cities have them.
I did not remember that President Clinton was born there.
On Sunday we went to Little Rock and visited his Presidential Library.
I will put up those photos tomorrow.


Renie Burghardt said...


You really do take great pictures! The shots of the Arlington Hotel are beautiful. I am enjoying your trip so much, as it brings back memories of when I was in Hot Springs. And the Clinton Presidential Library will be so interesting, too. Actually, Little Rock is a very pretty city as well.

Have a great weekend!



PhilipH said...

Some smashing photos; very well done.

Patty said...

Looks like a lovely hotel. Thanks for sharing. Next best thing to being on a vacation myself.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful photos Brenda

Sandy said...

Great shots of the hotel.

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