Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bonsai Plants From Garvan Woodland Gardens

I wanted to do a few posts about our recent trip,
because my blog is really a good way for me
to keep track of what is happening in my life.
We went to this garden when we first got to Arkansas
because we couldn't check into our room until 4 pm.
It was unlike other gardens I have been to
because of these Bonsai plants.
This first one is a Willow Leafed Fig.

This one is a "Hinoki Cypress"

Flowering Yellow Dogwood

I really need one of these.
This is a Ginkgo Biloba.
It helps with memory........

...not me the tree....


Japanese Juniper

Parsley Leafed Hawthorn

Chinese Elm

Chinese Blackberry

Satzuki Azalea

Texas Ebony

Trident Maple

This one I didn't get the name but I like the rock it is sitting on.

Of all of the posts that I have done in the year and a half that I have been blogging I have had more people view my post about my Tulip Tree than any other.
And here I thought my stories about the earrings hanging from my hair or the escalator story may have interested more people. Nope.....it is plants and trees that people want to hear about.


Rudee said...

Not me. I laugh myself stupid over your exploits, but mostly because of the way they're presented. Perhaps you should link those posts again and we can have a vote.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Oh, my, the bonsai trees are beautiful! And hey, I always enjoy your funny stories as well as the pictures of plants and flowers.

Did you get to go gem hunting?

Have a great Thursday!



Brenda said...

If I ever have a blog contest (with prize) I will try and do something similar to the one that you had and I won! That was fun and it also made you go back and reread all of the previous posts. If I added up all of the blogs that I have....I know I have well over 500 posts. Perhaps I will shoot for a 700th post contest. Wonder what prize I would offer......

I like your new avatar! It was toooooo hot to go gem/diamond digging. It was 107 the day I wanted to go. Plus I had a bladder infection. I do want to do it next time though.
Hugs to you...I was very close to your place on our trip.

Gramma Ann said...

How did I miss this post? I need to check more often what is going on out here in cyberspace! haha

I love bonsai trees, I think they are the cutest little trees ever. I have tried to grow them a few times, but I always do something wrong, forget to water them or water them to much, I just couldn't find a balanced watering arrangement that worked for me.

Sandy said...

Great bonsai trees. I always search them out at gardens I visit...for me..it is the earrings I love!! that was a hilarious post.

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