Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy Week..............

We had 6 rooms painted this past week and finally it is finished. It was great to have someone else do the work, but the whole house seemed a disaster. I couldn't find anything because things had to be shoved here and there to be out of the way. Maybe someday I will take pictures when it all gets put back together. We want to have some of our daughters photos framed to replace the prints we had up previously. I also think we will not put out a lot of the other decor we had. Funny how just painting spruces things up and makes you want to change so many other things, like furniture and junky things that sat around before. I am somewhat of a packrat and have lots of things I haven't been able to part with, but if we sell this house and downsize to a smaller place then there will be no choice. Some things will just have to leave. We haven't done much in the way of decorating for the past 20 to 30 years so many things are very outdated. I was so glad to see the black flowered wallpaper in the bathroom get ripped off and freshly painted. It feels like we are living in a new house.
Nothing much witty or clever to talk about right now. No clumsy accidents of mine to report. I managed to not trip over any paint cans or ladders or break any bones. Just wanted to put up a little something to recall the past week. Have a great Sunday!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Oh, I'm sure everything looks so nice freshly painted. It will be fun for you to decorate over.

I always have so much to do Sunday mornings, before I get ready for church service, which is at 8;3o AM.

Have a great Sunday!


Rudee said...

Painting the house is like putting on lipstick: it always makes a girl feel good.

It's very liberating to declutter the house. What you once thought indispensable may not be after all. Put the things you don't want out into a box. If you haven't looked for it in 6 months, get rid of it for good.

Less really is more.

Winifred said...

I wish I could be like Rudee! I go through drawers and cupboards determined to throw things out. I spend ages looking at things, reading and remembering. Then I put it all back! Just can't part with it. It's strange because I'm not materialistic and crave things. I just like my stuff.

When we decorate we sort of declutter the walls. We take down all the photos and pictures and never put them back up. Just too lazy!

Were they the colours you used? Post some photos for us please.

Gramma Ann said...

When we moved 11 years ago, we had to downsize A LOT! But, as funny as it seems, I don't miss any of the stuff. Really, I wondered why I had hung onto it for so long. Now, my bookcase is getting out of control, so I will soon have to rearrange and figure out what I want to keep and what goes to the second hand bookstore. When you live in a small apartment it is necessary to keep the clutter under control.

I hope you will show us a tour of your home and the new paint job.

Sandy said...

I sure hope you share pics! I agree, awhile back I packed away so much stuff, decorative items because I wanted a more cleaner looking area. I'm slowly bringing a few things back out here and there but not much. I really need to get busy and paint! Last time was 2001 after we had the room addition done which was my master bedroom and bathroom and office.

Anonymous said...

It MUST seem like you're living in a new house

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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