Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life Is Not Easy Sometimes...........

Okay, I have had enough adventure for awhile, and I am ready for some boredom. The summer so far has been one thing after another. We had made up our minds that we would get the house in better shape just in case we wanted to sell it. We started the process out by taking the dead trees out in the back yard. We got an estimate on 2 trees and a weeping willow stump. We declined on the willow stump because they wanted almost $400 to do it. My husband went out there with an axe and took one swing in it and the thing dissolved into mulch with just a few more swings. So if you need a quick $400 and you can find someone willing to pay it, find a rotting willow stump. Next we decided to have some walls repaired that had some water damage from a leaky roof and leaky shower. Several rooms had damage, so we decided to have all that fixed and then painted. There was good and bad to having 6 rooms done all at once. The bad was that we couldn't find anything and the house was hard to live in. The good was that it would have taken longer and cost more if they had done one or two rooms at a time. It took another week to put the house back together and put the window coverings back, etc. During the painting process our microwave broke. I did not know how dependent I had become on that thing until it broke. Right before the painting was finished, our sump pump pipe broke and flooded the carpet in the basement. Of course the insurance would not help us with it, they never have helped us with any claim in 32 years, other than an air conditioner that got struck by lightening once and hail damage on my car.
Everyone else got a new roof years ago paid for by their insurance but not ours.
We have finally had enough of them and have switched.
We are having to fix the basement ourselves.
All of the carpet will have to be replaced, and we will have to check for mold and have that repaired.
Then on Sunday our Clifford died.
He started bleeding out of his bottom and was barely able to breath or walk. It was one of the hardest things I have had to do in a long time to have to watch him suffer and then to have to make the decision to have him put to sleep. I keep forgetting that he is gone. I go looking for him some times because I think I left him outside and then realize he is gone. It is going to take me a long time to adjust to him not being here. I should have named him shadow because he followed me everywhere.
He was very lovable and the best pet a person could ask for.
Moving along to the next gripe....we went out and bought a new microwave and stove, and they were to be delivered the other day. The microwave only cost $200, but they charged $150 to install it. It took him 5 minutes to install it. The stove could not be installed until we removed a fan on the floor from the old stove. They said they couldn't do it because they might damage the floor. Strange that wasn't mentioned when we agreed to pay to have it installed, etc.
I wish I had something more interesting and upbeat to talk about here in my little world, but it is what it is. Now that I have vented though I feel a little better and I have faith that tomorrow and the next day will be much better!


Gramma Ann said...

Oh Brenda, what a nasty few weeks you have had. My little problems seems inconsequential compared to yours. I hope things start looking up for you. And again so sorry about little Clifford, we really do become attached to our pets, and miss them.

It sounds like your home is coming together, but sorry about the sump pump, so much work left to do when things flood, I sure hope things start to improve for you.

Renie Burghardt said...

You know the old saying about, sometimes when it rains it pours! You sure did have quite a few adventures, Brenda, costly adventures at that. I hope things have settled down now so you can enjoy some more peaceful enjoyments.

Of course, you miss Clifford, and always will. He is still there, in your heart.

Take care, and have a good day.



The Crusty Crone said...

Oh boy, what a summer so far. I feel for ya.

I wonder if anyone has ever gotten their money's worth when it comes to insurance of any kind. The motto for insurance is 'just take it in, don't pay it out'. For the most part it seems to be such a rip off and you don't find out about it until afterwards. I'm glad you switched. (I hope you didn't switch to any AIG insurance companies...they don't pay either. Except for their CEO)

Thinking good thoughts of that sweetie pie, Clifford. (cute name for a dog, too.)

Patty said...

Well after all of the hassle you've had to go through, it has to be all up hill from here.

I have a small cheap GE microwave that sets on a stand. I mainly use it to reheat or pop microwave pop corn.

Yes our family pets are missed a lot when they are gone. The oldest dog we had lived to be 22. She just seemed like she was always here.

Haven't had much time to play on my Farm town at FB.

Going to go check to see if the backyard is dry enough to mow before supper time.

Remember it's all up hill from here.

Rositta said...

I'm sorry to read about your dog, it's sad. I had a dog die a few years ago and never got another. I swear I could hear her walking around at night for months afterwards. Seems you had a lot going on in your house, hopefully the worst is over...ciao

Rudee said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know Clifford meant so very much to you. Everything else pales in comparison.

Sending you cyberhugs, Brenda.

GutsyWriter said...

I'm a new visitor and am so sorry about Clifford. I had my share of stuff today. Both toilets blocked, $450 for the plumber. Dryer broke.
Come visit and laugh with the parrot.

Anonymous said...

Brenda! your life has been crazy! you need boredom and peace for a while. I am so sorry about Clifford. He must have loved you a lot to have followed you around so much. I'm really sorry - I know you're hurting

Sandy said...

Well wow, you have been through the wringer with all this stuff, cost wise, etc. I so remember when we did a big addition here, and besides that redoing parts of the house and then getting new carpet and paint for every room and repairs and on and was a year out of my life (oh yeah a roof that ended up to be a huge chore because we couldn't get a big enough dumpster close to the house, it had to be parked out in our field, so all debris had to be hand removed from near the house to the dumpster....and then a trench had to be dug from my new bathroom around the house to hook up o the septic in front and it had to come through our tile patio in the front yard, everything torn up around here..

Your post brings back memories, ha.

And about Clifford, I can so relate, when I lost my Goldie dog in 2003.

anyway, with all that said, I feel for ya.

Sandy said...

I like your doodle.

Brenda said...

I just have to gripe some to get rid of frustration sometimes. The basement may not be as bad as we first thought. Getting new carpet and checking for mold and repairing that will be what needs to be done. Lots of stuff to move though...that will be a chore....

Yes, they were costly. We are usually very conservative about spending money and all of this at once was overwhelming to say the least.
Thanks for your kind words about Clifford. I still miss him very much. It is going to take me awhile to get used to him being gone.

Insurance companies really gripe my big butt! I wish I understood them a little better. Well...on second thought maybe not because then I would really get pissed! I could have a very long long vented rant about them, but it gets me too upset.
Clifford was not a big red dog, but he sure had a big heart. It was hard not to love him.

I remember you telling me about your dog who lived to be 22. For awhile there I thought Clifford may live that long, but it was not meant to be. Sounds like you are really getting some exercise with your yard. I did that today and now I have a headache! Ha...

I know what you mean about still hearing or listening for Clifford. Sounds like losing your dog broke your heart also. I don't think I will ever get another one. I am too much of a whimp when they have to leave this world. Thanks for your visit...

Thanks for your kind words. I know the loss of your Duke is still fresh also. Thanks for the cyberhugs!

Thank you for visiting and I did get a kick out of the parrot at your place!

I remember your dog passing away not long ago also. Wow....I hope you are doing well.

Okay......your story sounds way worse than mine! Having to haul all of that stuff because you couldn't get the bin close enough. Man...that must have been work! Are we looking forward to moving yet?? I remember us talking about that last year. What an adjustment moving is going to be.....

GutsyWriter said...

Thanks for your visit. Look forward to more on both sides.

Reader Wil said...

Like renie says:" It never rains but it pours" I hope the next week will be a better week for you! The water damage in my house is only minor compared to yours and it was due to the exceptionally heavy rainfall. The sun shines and next week the contractor will come to see what needs repairing. I wish you a less stressful weekend and good luck with the house!

Sandy said...

ohh i like your banner.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever