Thursday, July 9, 2009

Myths and Realities About Hot Springs, Arkansas

After viewing the Gardens the first night,
we went to Hot Springs
downtown area
the following morning
and took a scenic view from
Lookout Tower.
There were 2 floors that you could get out on.
The 3rd floor had a couple of layers of Plexiglas
and bars, etc. for safety reasons.
This made photos somewhat difficult.

The second floor was more open and the breeze
on this hot hot day was refreshing.
It was also easier to take photos.
The ridged areas on the mountains were very beautiful.

There are a few myths
that they have tried to set straight
here in the tower.
This one is about Al Capone
and the tunnels for escape
under The Arlington.
Ummm.....wonder if there were some
that were just never reported.
I am such a skeptic.
I say money talks,
and sometimes different
versions of "Reality" can be told.

Here is the myth about Mae West
and her supposedly ties to a mobster.
This photo of Mae West looks like a younger version of her to me.
Not that I am a Mae West expert by a long shot.
I know so little about her
I can sum it up in this short sentence.
One hand on the back of her head
and one hand on her voluptuous hip
with a little shake,
"Come up and see me sometime, big boy......"

This is about why the water is so hot in this area.
It is far too scientific for me.
Continuous thermal processing occurring deep with in the earth.
Sounds about right.

Naturally sterile water.
Well, this was disappointing.
I really wanted it to be naturally sterile.

Tony Bennett singing to a bartender.
Lucky bartender,
getting to serve him and hear
"I Left My Heart In San Francisco."
Tony Bennett has always been one of my favorites.
Love that man!

Next post will be a few scenes from The Arlington Hotel.


Gramma Ann said...

Brenda ~ This was a fun post. I love reading about Myths and then find out the Realities or truth about the myths. The photos of the mountains are lovely, looks like it was a hazy summer day.

I always enjoy your posts, whether they are pictures or funny stories, or just some pet peeve you need to rant and rave about. We all have days where we just need to rant and rave and I find if I write a post about it, it helps me blow off steam....;) and then I can go on with my day, feeling just a bit better.

Rudee said...

I like your premise that there can be different realities.

The mountains look beautiful.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Well, it's true, there can be different realities!

Love the photo's. Been a couple of years since I have been there. Now I will have to bug Greg to take me back soon!

Love Tony Bennet. He still looks pretty good these days, at age 87, and sings pretty good, too. I saw him recently on some TV show.

I look forward to more of your pictures.

Getting hot around here again. Have a great day!



Sandy said...

Enjoyed reading about this and your thoughts about it...You always have something in your posts that make me laugh...with an I money talks...

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