Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiny Stitches...

I am not sure how well these will show up on the computer, but if you can click to enlarge you will see some very tiny stitches. This is a wall hanging that I purchased in the late 70's at one of those parties that you have at home, like tupperware, only crafty things. I have a vague memory of stitching this early in our marriage. I used to hang it up at Christmas time every year. The backing has worn over the years and needs to be replaced so I haven't done much with it the past several years. I rediscovered it this past week somewhere amongst the rearranging of our house. I kept looking at it with my reading glasses trying to figure out how I ever made the stitches so tiny. I am sure it was a pattern printed on cloth and then you just cross stitched it, but they were much smaller than an ordinary aida cloth kit. I didn't take a picture of the entire piece because I just wanted to show the little stitches. It is the 12 Days of Christmas theme.

By the way, have you all noticed the Christmas decorations and Thanksgiving and Halloween out in the stores? Fall is just around the corner. What a fast summer that was! Hey wait....it isn't even August 1st yet. We still have another month at least! Thanks goodness...I am not ready for fall just yet.


Sandy said...

Wow tiny. I remember doing a cross stich sampler, really a difficult one with crewel stitchery I think it was called. I figured if I could finish it I would have learned a bunch of different stitching techniques. I finished it and was so proud but I haven't seen it in years, I must have thrown it out. darn. These are cool and what's even better is that you kept them all these years.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, they are tiny stitches! I actually did some embroidery way back when. How nice you kept them all these years.

Christmas stuff in the stores? No! And I haven't noticed any so far. But summer is speeding by and soon Fall will be here. Then winter...eeek! Don't want to think about that!

Have a great evening.



bettyjf1 said...

Oh I'm so ready for the fall.. Wait Fall his is 100 degrees! That's beautiful stitch work

Patty said...

Apparently you had very good eyesight back when you first got married.

I guess that's one reason I have never enjoyed cross stitching. A couple of our daughter use to, when they had a little more time.

Haven't been in any stores this month except the grocery and our little Family Dollar store, didn't see anything but back to school supplies.

Mary said...

Goodness...you were busy and must have great eye sight to do that! I used to do counted cross stitch before I discovered quilting. I see patterns occasionally that I would like, but don't have the ambition to start something more.

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