Monday, August 31, 2009

Me and Maddie Day

Monday I got to spend the day with my little Maddie. This photo is at her house on Sunday when she was playing with her kitchen. She has on a cute little knitted skirt that a friend of Katy's knitted her. We spent the day at our house on Monday. Went for a walk and she took a good nap. She ate good and was pretty much a happy little girl all day, and I was a happy Grandma. Her talking has really taken off and she says her ABC's and numbers in order. I made sloppy joes and corn on the cob for supper and she loved the corn and meat, but not the bread.
I am going to try to record at least one paragraph a day of what I do. The yoga and diet are not going as well as I would like for them to. Some days I do well and some days not. But I will keep trying to make it work.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Sorry about losing your contact. I enjoy your musings about age, and funny about the Dr. putting 2 contact lenses in the same eye. Well, funny because of the way you wrote about it.

I had to read an eye chart on Monday as well.

Things just happen, but we still have plenty of blessings to enjoy. In your case, your sweet little Maddie, and the rest of your family as well.

Just got home from town, where I walked around and even went to lunch all the while wearing my sunglasses. According to Eileen I looked like a celebrity, but I was just hiding a bad looking right eye.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Remember not to sweat the petty things, and not to pet the sweaty things! He He.



Rudee said...

Oh my! Wasn't she just a wee thing all swaddled in blankies? I can't believe how big she is and how much she already knows! You're blessed.


PhilipH said...

Yikes! Third blog of yours today!

A M A Z I N G.

Sandy said...

Wow, she is growing up. MOre pics!

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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