Saturday, August 8, 2009


I have visited a few blogs recently that have been talking about handwriting and it inspired me to do this post about my own thoughts on penmanship. I remember very vividly learning to print and do cursive handwriting. I practiced it every chance I got and loved doing it. My handwriting used to be fairly good or so people had told me. It is a real struggle to hand write anything now because I so seldom do it, or have a need to do it. When I sign my name it looks like a Dr.'s writing, barely legible. No one ever questions it though and asks me to resign it, so I think it must be okay to do it this way. Those charge card pad signatures seldom show up correctly, so perhaps they have given up on checking to make sure signatures match your card.
Anyway, the last trip to the bookstore we made I purchased this magazine that I was very impressed with. The magazine was only $6.00 and had several very informative articles in it. The advertising was minimal also. So often I buy a magazine that has far more ads than content. This one was well worth the six dollars. I copied a portion of an article from Thomas Moore to show my handwriting.

This is a poem my Mom sent me at Christmas one year. She had perfect handwriting... as did most women from her generation. I have a suitcase full of her journals and they were too personal to post, so I chose this one.


Gramma Ann said...

If the first one is your handwriting, I think it is lovely. Not a thing wrong with it. And yes your mother had lovely handwriting also.

I find that I don't write letters much anymore. I prefer e-mailing. But, I still write about other things. Tonight I made everyone listen to a poem I wrote 2/13/2008, that I had written in a notebook. We all had a good laugh over that poem. Mostly because I'm not a poet. But, yes I still write down things I want to remember and keep. I just hate writing letters.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Your handwriting is nice. I can write nicely as well, but don't do much handwriting these days. My signature is chicken scratch, too. I love the poem your Mom wrote for you. What a treasure you have there. And you have a treasure in Bob as well! :-) His comment so touched me that I will do a little post about it one day this coming week.

Got to run. Have a fews things to do and then get ready for church, and have been invited to lunch by some friends. But it will be hot today. Eek.

Happy Sunday.

Rudee said...

I have been the recipient of your handwriting, and it's lovely. You're right, it's a dying art form with keyboards taking over everything. I love getting mail with notes from friends.

I bought a new magazine yesterday, too. I'm going to write about that later today.

Winifred said...

There's nothing wrong with your writing Brenda. Your Mam's is lovely too. What a fantastic poem she sent you, a lovely treasure.

Interesting what you said about your signature not being rejected. We hardly ever have to sign anything now. In the interests of reducing fraud all our cards have PIN numbers and there are very few shops left where you can sign for them. Hardly anyone takes cheques now. We're becoming numbers not individuals. All you need is a good memory to remember these dratted numbers, not good handwriting!

Abraham Lincoln said...

There was a time when keeping diarys and journals were the thing to do and I have read a lot of them. The writing was nearly perfect in each one.

The signatures used to be legible. It is the only thing a man can write that connects him as an individual to all of mankind. A scrawled signature is from a nobody.

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Patty said...

Love the one you choose from your Mother.

My handwriting has always been horrible. My husband said it's because I don't take the time. So I took one of his workbooks he's written on handwriting, and started practicing each day, after about a week, I gave up, it was like too much work. His handwriting always was perfect. When his letters arrived in my mail box from Japan where he was stationed while in the Army, they looked like a woman had written them, where as mine being mailed out, looked like something a man would have scrawled in a hurry.

My Mother who never finished school, has beautiful handwriting.

Reader Wil said...

Your handwriting and your mum's are good! Mine has always been not too great and since I blog it's getting worse.

Jo said...

If that is your handwriting in the first note, you write very much like I do. I still love good penmanship. It is an art, isn't it?

For some reason, I take great joy in writing grocery lists, because it is almost the only opportunity I get to write anymore. :-)

Did you notice that both you and your mom have similar writing?

The Bug said...

Your handwriting is much better than mine, that's for sure! I'm like Patty - I don't take time!

Sandy said...

My handwriting ability has left the building.

Enjoyed seeing your mother's journal page. She did have nice handwriting, it reminded me of my mom's..

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