Thursday, August 13, 2009

Really....You Don't Say..............

Before I try to go to sleep at night for the past several weeks I have been reading this book that I checked out from the library. I was stunned at the things I read about LBJ and JFK more than any others. Stunned because I remember when they were Presidents and have never heard these stories until I read about them in this book. I went on line trying to seek the truth of these stories. Looked in the back of the book to see where the stories came from. I have given up trying to find out the truth. How can we ever really know the truth about anything that we hear, second hand or read. I am a "Doubting Thomas" sort of person. I rarely believe anything unless I see it for my own eyes or hear it with my own ears.
Yet here I am fascinated with the contents in this book! A few years ago we were planning a trip to DC and did not get to go. I wanted to include touring the White House in our trip and researched how to go about doing that. We had to get security clearance and did. That trip just wasn't meant to be. Now I think I know why. I would like to read all of this book and several more like it so that I can keep my eyes and ears alert to anything that could shine some light on the truth or non truth behind some of these fascinating stories.
I did a post not long a ago about our touring The Clinton Library in Little Rock. I think that was what caused me to search out some books at the library about the White House. I probably won't stop with this book. Once I get interested in something I get on a roll . Hopefully someday I will get to take that tour.


Renie Burghardt said...

Looks like an interesting book, Brenda. I love to read non-fiction, about presidents, writers and people doing interesting things and living interesting lives. etc. Most of my reading is non-fiction.

Don't you think that the authors of this book had to pretty well write the facts, so they had to be pretty close to the truth? And it looks like it has lots of pictures. I have read the biographies of many presidents, and Teddy Rosevelt was always one of my favorites. He led such an interesting life, beyond being the president.

I am going to see if our little library has this book, or can get it for me from a bigger library.

Have a great day!



Sandy said...

Hopefully you can take that tour! I went down the rabbit hole about eight years ago looking for truth and was shocked at the things I have read up to and including our current administration. I've decided to be happy instead. ha.

The Crusty Crone said...

What?! You're not going to share any tidbits?! You tease! But that's okay. I remember how terribly disappointed I was to learn about a few of JFK's affairs. I'm sure there are a bunch that I don't know about, too. I was ticked off at Roosevelt, too, for having a mistress. How dare he do that to Eleanor! But I was young and dumb at the time. I'm no longer young.

Winifred said...

Yes it is hard to find the truth. Maybe sometimes it's better not to know.

JFK was set up on a pedestal but his family background wasn't too great and he certainly wasn't whiter than white. Not all of the heroes turn out to be real heroes.

Gramma Ann said...

Well, you got my attention, now I will have to go to the library and see if they have that book and read it and see what it is about. Sounds interesting. Maybe I will make that my choice of the month book to read in September. I will have to go to the library tomorrow and see in case they have to order it.

Rudee said...

I'm a little disappointed you aren't sharing what you've read. Please, I need more dirt.

Brenda said...

Okay...maybe tomorrow I will dish out the dirt. Then I will see if any of you had ever heard the stories.

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