Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where Did The Summer Go?

The last time I mowed the lawn I was getting in the mood to plant some flowers and then realized that it is too late! Summer flew by like a jet for me. I know I could plant mums, etc. but won't. I guess I will just have to plan something for next spring.
I also messed up my blog a little by adding this new template. I had been searching around for a different look and had 2 blogs set aside just for testing. Thought I was ready, but lost my sidebar things. So I will be re-doing those when I have time. Have a great Sunday!


Jo said...

Summer flew by too quickly, didn't it? Next weekend Kitsilano Pool will be closing. Where did the summer go!?

Patty said...

Yes, this summer flew by. Everyone I've talked to thinks the same thing. Hard to believe Sept. 1st. is this coming Tuesday.

I know what you mean about picking a new layout. I like to change mine now and then, but I don't like all the extra work involved, so I keep the same one for years.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I like the new look of your blog already, Brenda. I really should do something more creative with mine, but don't want to devote so much time to it. Maybe someday, maybe not.

Yes, summer is trotting on out, and it's hardly been here this year. Very unusual, I think. Today it was 75 and sunny, so I'm not complaining, but tonight will go down to 50! Brr, a wee bit chilly for this time of the year.

Ya know? I am just not ready to be thinking about another winter soon!



Rudee said...

I know. I can't believe that summer, which started only two weeks ago here in Detroit, is gone. For the first time ever, I wore wool to the Michigan State Fair. Usually, it's so hot there at this time of year that I'm trying to figure out how much clothing I can take off before I get arrested. This year I wore many layers, and still I was cold and wet.

Sandy said...

I like the look of this blog. I know how tiresome it is trying a new blog and losing the sidebar stuff. We are still in the thick of summer, high temps, fires to the right of me, fires to the left, here I am, stuck in the middle of smoke.

Gramma Ann said...

Why does summer go so fast? And winter so slow?

I like your new look...I don't even know how to set up a new blog other then the ones blogger has available for us. So I just keep using them.

Myra said...

There is always time for flowers next year... 8-)
Love the new look of your blog, but not good that you've lost stuff...
I am wondering, if you remove your background, will your stuff all come back? I mean, it can't have just disappeared like that!!!
Did you change your measurements and such? Cause if you did, and you change them back, it should show again...
I changed my blog from 2 columns to 3 and the background, and I had one column disappear, but changed what I did back and it showed up again... I can send you the link for the info I used if you want?

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