Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Tuesday.....

I started out the day by paying bills, and then a trip to the grocery store. I managed to stick to purchasing some fairly healthy food items. I am trying to be more conscious of not buying processed foods and only preparing fresh items. I wanted to get a haircut but couldn't fit it in. I brought the groceries home and realized the washing machine was broken. It had a full load of towels with a tub of hot water in there when it quit. I called a repair man to come out for the following day.
I had lost one of my contact lens on Saturday and had made an appointment to go to the optometrist to get it replaced for Tuesday. I had my appointment for 1:30. It turned out I needed both of them replaced after the exam. Bummer...because of the expense of having to replace both. I have gone to this same Dr. for about 30 years and realized how old we are both getting and how young we were 30 years ago. I found myself feeling a little sorry for him because he has to say "Is this better or this better....better here or here..." You know the drill. They have to say the same things over and over and over for years. He has been spending more time in front of the computer while I am waiting in the room though, so I think his mind is slowing down somewhat....ha. He also put two contact lens in one eye. Mine not his. He wore glasses. I wondered why....with the corrective surgeries they can do now. Well, I think I just answered my own question. An optometrist would want to advertise glasses so that he could stay in business.
After the exam I went to pick up Maddie from daycare and she hadn't had a nap there, so she was a little wound up. Even when she is wound up she is still adorable though. Love her so much!


Patty said...

If I knew the doctor that did my eye surgery would let me post a photo of him, I would put it on my blog. He looks like he's about 12. Says he's in his early 40's. I figure he's probably 40 1/2 LOL. But then I've noticed how people seem to look so much younger every year, except for me. My eye sight is so much better in the eye they removed the cataract from I can hardly wait to have the other one done. I may not even need glasses.

I see from the last post the washer is fixed. I think I would have applied that $200.00 toward a new high efficiency one, unless yours is fairly new. Also from the sound of the last post, you worked hard today, so take it easy, this evening, read a book, find a good movie, play a game on the computer.

Oh no, I heard a lot of sirens earlier, now I hear care flight going over, must have been an accident out on the interstate. We live about two miles from interstate 70.

Rudee said...

He put two contacts in one eye? lol. That must have been interesting. My husband had lasik when it first came out. Within one year, he was wearing glasses again, his night vision is much worse and he had terrible trouble with glare. If he could do it again, I doubt he would.

Maddie sounds like such a sweetie-heart.

PhilipH said...

Can't believe it! Still going strong on the blog front.

Sandy said...

That is the most incredible thing. I run into people I knew way back then and they look so old...hahaha, and they are thinking the same thing about me I'm sure.

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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