Saturday, September 12, 2009

Loverly Saturday........

Bob and I decided to go where the wind blew us today and since we were hungry for lunch, the wind blew us only to our Main Street.  We ate at an Italian Restarant that we had not eaten at before, that is very close to our favorite Coffee House.  The food was pretty good, I thought.  The atmosphere was pleasant enough.  When we stepped outside, it was quite noisy from the annual Bikers Club...or whatever they call themselves.  I am drawing a blank right now.  I know they have a name and Bikers is in it and they are a Club.  Nothing quite like the Hells Angels that terrorized everyone back in the late 60's.  Those guys really scared me.   
Bob decided to read a book on a bench while I strolled down the shops.  I saw a sign that said there was a Quilt Show down by the Train Depot.  I was able to get a few photos to share. 
The one above is a butterfly quilt that reminded me how much I want to make one for Maddie.  I will probably use a pattern similar to one that I have that my Grandmother made though.
Very pretty star themed ones.
I have not really done any quilting for about 5 years now.
I am afraid I may have forgotten how.
I still love to see them at shows.
This one has some nice jewel tones.
We have a nice gazebo area right around the middle of the walk on South Main.  The day went by way too fast.  Everyone here has been sick.  I think Maddie got it first and then Bob.  Katy and Brian went to Texas for work related things, and Katy was sick when she left, and then Brian came back sick yesterday.  He had a fever today and we watched Maddie for the afternoon until it was time for her to go to bed.  Now our son Bobby has it and has to get up to go to work tomorrow at 5 am.  We have lots of DayQuil and NightQuil.  Hope it by passes me..........
PS....If I have mispelled things it is because I don't know how to use the spell check on my new computer, or the new version of blogger.  I have become so lazy about checking my spelling without spell check, I would rather just apologize than look up the correct spellings. laziness is getting in ex cus a ble.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Looks like I have some success getting on here this morning, although it takes really long.

What is with the comment above?

Sounds like you and Bob had a pleasant Saturday. The quilts are all gorgeous!

I hope everyone feels better. Have to get ready for church soon as our mass is early. Have a lovely Sunday!



Patty said...

Good morning. Sounds like a nice outing. I love looking at quilts. My Mother made me one called the bow tie for my 50th. birthday. It's very colorful. She did every stitch by hand. My sister-in-law did all of hers on a sewing machine and someone would take them to quilt shows and they all seemed to sell. But they didn't look anything like the ones my Mother had done, by hand. Mom's was way more beautiful. Plus I knew what hard work went into every stitch.

Brenda said...

Hi Renie,
Ithink the reason you are having trouble is because the photos I have on here must have a really high resolution and that is causing the slowness to upload. These photos came with my new computer as sample photos. If others start complaining I will just remove them. I had trouble viewing a blog I like to read and I thought it was because my computer at the time was not fast enough, etc. to load the page.
Hope you have a great day Renie.

PhilipH said...

There's a heck of a lot of work in those quilts. Great photos, and that little arbor with the tree shading it looks great.

Don't worry about spelling. I've just read a list of jokes on nollyposh's blog about school kids and one was:

Teacher: Johnny, how do you spell crocodile.


Teacher: That's wrong, it's spelt CROCODILE.

Johnny: You asked me how I spelt it!

What a great giggle!

Rudee said...

I love the new look here. I bring your page up fast enough, but then I have high speed access.

The quilts are just beautiful. I think I like that jewel toned one best.

We have the same issues with motorcycles in town. They're so noisy. Sometimes I wish they'd close our main street to motor vehicles.

Reader Wil said...

You must have had a qonderful day! Thanks for showing the quilts! They are very pretty! I hope that everybody in your family is better now! Thanks for your visit.

Sandy said...

I love those days out when you let the wind choose the direction you go so to speak and what could be better than an Italian meal and seeing some art (quilts) which are beautiful beautiful by the way.

Sorry to hear so many are sick. It isn't swine stuff is it?

Myra said...

Awesome photos Brenda!!! Wow! Thanks for sharing them!!! 8-)

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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