Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brain Reboot

Our weather was great today so Bob and I went out and about in the city. Everyone else had the same idea so we were unable to find any place to park at The Zoo, The Botanical Garden, or anywhere else we tried to go, so we ended up just driving around and going to one of our favorite restaurants called The Elephant Bar for a light lunch and then to the Mall next door where they have a Barnes and Noble. I picked out 12 magazines to look through while we had coffee and I narrowed down my selection to 3 magazines, one being the Time Special on the Brain. It is a big issue and so far the most interesting thing I have read is about some new research being explored using a technique called repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, which administers a series of magnetic pulses to the head. They induce a low-level electrical current in neurons that seems to reset the brain and improve mood. How does it work? No one seems to know. But the best hypothesis is that when the pulse is applied to the cortex- a higher region of the brain-it helps restore synchrony with lower regions like the limbic area. Scientists liken the results of a computer after rebooting. This caught my attention because I used a magnetic hematite bracelet a few times to help with my tendinitis, and it worked like a miracle for me. Wouldn't this be a great thing, if it had no side effects? Just a little zapping and it snaps us back into a better mood and maybe jars our memory at the same time. Bob and I were just talking about how as we age our minds wander sometimes trying to land on a thought. It really is annoying. A little magnetic zapping machine to restart the old thinker.
Last night I had a nightmare that I was trapped in some kind of a computer world and was unable to talk to a real person. I knew it was bound to happen. I have been on this computer too much and doing too much interacting via the keyboard. Well...maybe not too much. I do lots of activities that involve me being in contact with my fellow humans. All of this electronic socializing does make me wonder though...where is it all going to lead. What will our lives be like 5 to 10 years from now.
Myths and Mythconceptions
Rumor: It takes seven years to digest swallowed gum.
Truth: Despite what you heard on the playground, the gum you swallow doesn't exactly linger in your gut. It's true that your body can't digest gum, but it still shoots it through your system at the same speed as other foods. So, swallow away? Not quite. Pediatric studies have found rare cases in which children who gulp down multiple pieces a day can end up with wads of the sticky stuff blocking their intestines.
That little bit of info was not in the Brain Magazine...but in one called Mental Floss. Curious Minds want to know these things.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

That brain reboot sounds fascinating, and just what I need! And I have never been fond of chewing gum, but it does make sense if one swallows the gum often, (like children sometimes do) it might cause a problem in the intestines. And as much as I enjoy the online world, I enjoy the real world a lot more!

Sounds like you had a nice Sunday. Lunch and a great bookstore to browse around in-what could be better?

Have a great Monday!



Patty said...

Sometimes I think not only does my brain need a reboot now and again, but the whole body does. LOL After being so busy on Sat. I didn't do much yesterday except play games on the computer. LOL

Reader Wil said...

I wish it were true that our brains could be reset by a machine. It would be great for patients suffering of schyzophrenia or Parkingson disease or any other disease in the brain.
Good post, Brenda.

Gramma Ann said...

That was quite an interesting read. Like everyone else, my brain needs rebooted or rewired or something! I hate it when I go to to another room for something and forget why I went to that room in the first place. Always have to backtrack and then I remember. Maybe, that is what is called "Brain Reboot" I don't know. Now what was I talking about? ; )

Oh the chewing gum myth, I love to chew, but never swallow it, I have trouble swallowing a pill. But it does make sense that it could gum up the works if we swallowed to much, to often.

I love to browse in Barnes and Nobles, one of my favorite stores. When we shop, everyone knows where to find me, in the bookstore.

Have a great Monday and rest of the week.

Rudee said...

I am going to Mr. Larger Than Life's house right this minute. I'm going to stick his finger in the light socket to see if this is really true.

The Crusty Crone said...

"repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation" Is this the second step after electo-shock treatments of the 50s?

Interesting post.

Brenda said...

I don't chew much gum either, but did when I was a kid and teenager, and I know I swallowed some, so thought it may still be stuck some where...ha.

I am all for the whole body reboot also. Wouldn't that be great. Go to the Dr. and say "I'll have the whole body reboot please". Come out 50 lbs. lighter, smile on my face and a sharp mind. What a deal!

That would be wonderful, to discover some ways to help those diseases also. The brain is really interesting and I wonder if scientists will ever really understand it.

I don't get things done as quickly as I used to because I forget what I was going to do. So annoying!

Haha...who knows? Might be worth a try.

You are very smart. This article and some others in the magazine talk about shock therapy making a come back. My Dad and one Aunt had that done in the 40's, 50's and my Aunt could not remember a big part of her life. I have heard that if the Dr. really knows what he or she is doing it works where other meds don't for depression and some other disorders. It sounds scary to me...hope I never need it. But the magnetic stuff sounds interesting. Much more of a milder form of the shock treatments. But I am not expert on it so what do I know....

PhilipH said...

My brain needs a good kicking now and then. Still, when you think of the millions of different connections, paths and routes that our brain has to navigate, in pico-seconds (or quicker) it's no wonder that sometimes the word I'm searching for evades me.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

I often feel like I'm inside of a computer. That seems to be where I spend the majority of my time. When I step away from it I almost feel myself being called back by it. LOL

Sandy said...

ohhh about that gum...yuck.

Anyway, I love the Elephant Bar, I like the Macadamia nut crusted Tilapia, with a big long island ice tea to wash it down and then a trip around the corner in the same mall to our Borders. I browse art magazines.

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