Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day At The Zoo

What a wonderful weather day we had today for our trip to the Zoo! Here is Miss Maddie checking out the map telling us where she wanted to go first. Just kidding...she is not that old yet.

One of the first things we did was to let Maddie ride on the carousel. Here she is with Uncle Bobby. She loved this so much, she cried when it was over, begging to go again.

Most of the animals were out today and that is always a plus when you go to the Zoo. This elephant stood so still, at first I wondered if it was a sculpture. But finally he or she did move a little bit.

None of these photos are going to be in an kind of order, because blogger is not allowing me to move then around very well, and I don't have the time or patience to mess with it right now. I also took 200 photos and will only put up a few tonight.

She posed for this one pretty well. She is at an age where it is really hard to get a photo of her looking at the camera. My daughter can manage to capture some really good ones, but she is a much better photographer than I am.

Our Zoo in St. Louis I think, is one of the best in the country. I usually don't like seeing animals caged up and confined and out of their natural habitat... just so that we can look at them, but our Zoo has done a really great job of giving the animals lots of space and settings that hopefully are somewhat similar to how they would live if they were not at a Zoo. I know it really isn't the same...but better than most places maybe. I haven't been to a lot of City Zoos before so I really don't know, other than I have read that we have a good one, and going there today again, I agree with what I have read.
I think the Penguin House was Maddie's favorite. One of the larger penguins was a silly guy. He kept swimming around close to the edge of where we walk and making a big splash and got us all wet. I say that he was silly because after we walked away, he made another big splash, and the person that works in there, called him by his name and said something that made me think he must do this all the time. Just being a little stinker.

This handsome little guy looked like he was going to break out in a song or an opera.

Two small black bears and this one really put on a show for us. He stood up for quite a long while and then when a train went by he took off running.

This is a baby elephant. I wish I had zoomed in a little more on this one, but all and all the day was perfect. I may put some more up another day. If you are ever in St. Louis, I hope you get to visit our Zoo.


Sandy said...

Oh that was fun, I love love zoos and could spend hours looking at the animals.

Maddie looks a little like my granddaughter Holly, especially the hair and kind of the profile. She is such a doll. It's so fun when you can take them out and they really get excited about stuff.

The Bug said...

Glad you had fun - I'll bet she loves hanging out with you guys!

The zoo in Cincinnati is pretty good too - we enjoy going every now & then...

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Oh, love the pictures at the zoo, and Maddie is adorable! It does look like a great zoo. Love the penguins. I'm glad you had a nice day for it. Our weather yesterday was fantastic, but today it's rainy, and I'm trying to clean up a bit more than usual, since I'm stuck indoors. Haha.

Thank you for sharing the great pictures. Maybe one day, when I get to St. Louis, I will visit the St. Louis Zoo. Have a great day!



The Crusty Crone said...

Maddie's such a little cutie! and boy is she growing fast!!

PhilipH said...

What a joyful posting and pictures you've kindly shared with us today.

Maddie is in her element of course, as any young lady would be in such a vibrant setting.

Rudee said...

I love the penguins, too. Maddie is a girl after my own heart.

BJ said...

Brenda - I love going to the zoo too! I went with the kids in was such a fun day.

Maddie is just adorable. I bet she loved riding around....and grandma pushing her. What a darling little girl she is.

Thanks for sharing these great pics!

Gramma Ann said...

That was great. I love to visit zoos, even very small ones. Maddy is growing and so cute. She really does look like she is reading that map.

Myra said...

Looks like a wonderful day spent at the zoo... Fun stuff!!!
That bear looks like it could do with a few more pounds added to him...
Wish we had elephants here!

Patty said...

I bet everyone enjoyed themselves. What a fun trip. Happy week-end. Hope the weather is nice where you're at.

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