Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Drive Next Week...yeah!

Today I felt pretty lousy because I did not sleep well AGAIN. I have also been having a weird symptom of not being able to stand smells, like hairspray, cleaning products, and even those trash bags that have a scent in the bag. I have actually had this strange disorder for a few years but lately it seems to have gotten worse. I still like and can tolerate the smell of Gain Laundry Soap and fabric softener, and a few light scents like that. I got really sick one day at the grocery store when a lady passed by me with what seemed like too much cologne to me. But it may not have been too much, I don't know because I know whatever is going on with me, it is not normal. I accidentally bought a scented hairspray about a month ago and it gave me a headache and made me sick and really crabby. I tried to google this weird thing, with no results. Maybe it will just go away, hopefully.
Tomorrow Bobby and I are going to take Maddie to the Zoo. We had rain today and then are supposed to have rain Thursday and Friday. She will be visiting me on Thursday and Friday also. I haven't seen her since last Friday. Miss her.
Then on Monday Bob and I are planning on going on our annual Fall drive. We are still trying to decide where to go. I have not been to an area called Elephant Rock in Missouri and to the Current River area. Both would be a few hours to get to, and if it rains we probably would not go. There is always our Alton area that is really beautiful, no matter what time of year it is. Sure do hope the rain will stay away for our drive.


The Bug said...

I hope you guys get to go somewhere nice for your fall drive - & I want pictures!

Enjoy the zoo tomorrow.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Brenda,

About the smells making you sick, that used to happen to me when I was pregnant. You don't suppose???? Just kidding. Must be some sort of allergies to some perfumes or such in certain products.

I would wait another week for the Fall Drive, for good color. Eileen's niece Patti is coming from New York City, next week. Her first time here. She will fly to St. Louis and rent a car and drive out. Then my older son and ten year old granddaughter will be coming the week after next for a few days.

Elephant Rocks is really a neat park to visit. It's been a while since I have been there. What part of the Curren River area will you be visiting. Of course, that's our river here, but it winds it's way through a fairly large area of the Ozarks. Alton? Are you talking about Alton, Missouri? The one near us is a teensy weensie town of about 2 or 300 residents, but it is a pretty area. Alton is about 60 miles from me. But you're probably thinking of some other Alton.

Hope you feel better. I had a doctors appointment this morning, and drove to it in torrentail rains. Turns out I had an ear infection. So now I'm on antibiotics.

Take care!



Rudee said...

Renie is on to something. Maybe you should see an endocrinologist and have your pituitary hormones checked. Hmmm.

If your search is not fruitful, try looking up olfactory disorders. This is the nerve related to smell and taste.

Also, some medications alter taste and smell. Now stop suffering (because it is suffering), and go see someone!

Enjoy your drive ;-)

PhilipH said...

Sounds like you have a disturbing allergy to anything scented. That really is most unfortunate; normally one gets a deal of pleasure from perfume and stuff like that so you have my sympathy.

My son suffers from polyps in the nasal passages and can hardly taste or smell anything! That's just as bad of course. He's going to have another operation in a month or so to alleviate the problem.

Have a nice break anyway. Take care on the roads.

Patty said...

Hope you have a lovely drive. As for your nose, what do the doctors think? Like me, I can't smell anything. I can tell when the smell in the air sometimes changes, but can't distinguish what the smell is. Makes it bad, things can burn and you don't even know it. I blame it to my allergies and using nose spray for years. Doctor said as you age, you sometimes lose your sense of smell, and I reminded him my Mother can smell just fine. Had the sinuses scanned and the specialist couldn't find anything wrong. So since I can't smell anything, my taste buds are also thrown off, although that doesn't stop me from eating. I can tell sweet, sour, spicy, salty, but if you make little chunks of say a piece of meat like pork, chicken, beef, and blindfold me, I doubt I could tell you what I was eating. Good luck with the nose and smelling. I do miss not be able to smell the flowers, rain in the air, fresh dirt, a baby after it's bath. Speaking of baby, our youngest grandchild, while I would be baby sitting, could dirty her diaper and I couldn't smell it, so I had to keep checking so she wouldn't get a sore bottom. LOL Have a safe trip.

Sandy said...

I've known a few people who have that problem but really don't know what they do about it or what it is called.

One girl use to think I smelled like "raid" when I walked into the office (damn her). Actually I had patchouli oil on, very lightly I thought.

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