Sunday, October 25, 2009

Genealogy and Names

I felt like I needed to clarify my poll on my sidebar of baby names for our new grand child. Some of them may sound odd to you, but they were put on the poll as a joke between me and my daughter. Haskell, Bird, Lum, and Boots are family names. My Dad's first name is Haskell, but the other three were from census records that I found one winter when I was researching my genealogy. You won't find them on the photo above, though because my records are in hiding somewhere around here, for the time being. I need to find them soon though, because I have been wanting to get together with my cousin soon so we can compare notes.
Hard to believe that anyone would name their child Boots or Bird. Makes me wish that I had asked my Grandma when she was still living, what those names meant. Lum, I think could be an Irish name, as was Pinkney....I think???? There are quite a few odd names in my family, and my daughter and I get a kick out of them. But when I decided to do this post, I tried looking up some of these names to see if there was anything on the web about them. I couldn't find out anything, but did run across this page, with celebrity baby names that are pretty...out there. Many are just so difficult to pronounce and Bird and Boots don't seem half bad. Just kidding!!!!
I have one side of my family going back to 1820. When I have to go back to the original countries, which will be Ireland, Scotland, Germany and England, it will get much more difficult than searching here in America.
I think it is fun and interesting, but very time consuming. And so far there isn't anything very legendary about my family history. But if I keep looking who knows what I may stumble upon.


The Bug said...

We have a lot of strange names in our family too - Firch, and, and... Hmmm - now you've done it. I totally can't remember the name of the cousin who made those wonderful chicken pies... I'll have to ask my dad - I'll get back to you!

Patty said...

A parent should always stop and think how the first name sounds with the second name. Our daughter had a boy in her class and his first name was Lacy, but the last name was Curtain. Can you imagine what he's gone through in his life. I'm assuming they had a middle name in there and didn't think about how it might sound if they didn't use the middle name.

Rudee said...

I voted for Colleen and Liam. I love those names.

My grannie's name was Flossie Constance Tucker, but don't dare call her Flossie. She introduced herself as Connie.

Patty made me laugh with Lacy Curtain.

Gramma Ann said...

Patty's comment was funny. Lacy Curtain...I didn't even know Lacy was a boy's name, I always thought Lacy was a girls name. I bet the parents named him that on purpose. Remember Johnny Cash's song "A Boy Named Sue." It made him tough growing up with a girls name. haha I can't think of any strange names in our family genealogy, so no help from me. Although I did know a girl called "Boots" I think it was a nickname. And there was 'Boots' Randoph the country western saxophone player. And don't forget Lady 'Bird' Johnson.

The Bug said...

I remembered! Her name was Gory - but my dad says it was short for Gregory. I don't know - I think I would have tried to find a different nickname even if I DID have a boy's name. But I guess the word gory wasn't in use that much back then...

Brenda said...

Glad to know that my family is not alone with names other than the most common ones. I hesitate to tell some of the really odd ones. But Firch and Gory may make me ease up a bit. are a few more. Felbert, Chalmer and Tillman. Haven't a clue where they came from.

Lacy Curtains...oh no....sorry had to laugh.

Flossie, I think I have heard of, but I think it is a very 40's name, isn't it? But if she was your Granny perhaps the 20's or 30's.

Forgot about Lady Bird...I wonder now if she is related to me. Ha

Sandy said...

Wow, interesting about those names in the family. Now on to catch up.

Gramma Ann said...

Good morning Brenda...There is a little present awaiting you at my blog "A Little Of This And That"

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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