Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Great Place in the Country

We are having some Indian Summer weather here in the Midwest the past 2 days. Yesterday Bob and I went for another drive looking for fall colors, and we stumbled upon this area that has beautiful large homes with large lots. This is the lake view. There were artist there with their easels set up painting this scene. What a treat to find this area! We got lost in there and had to get out Bob's IPhone that has a GPS to figure out how to get out of there. It looked like it should be gated off and private, but it wasn't so we enjoyed driving around because they have some magnificent scenery.

Today I worked around the house cleaning and had the windows open. So wonderful to have the fresh air coming in! Okay....I think I am getting used to Autumn. I put the cover on the pool and that is the saddest part of Fall and Winter for me. I didn't get to swim nearly long enough this season.

While I was visiting blogs today I hopped over to Patty's and found that she received this nice award, and I was one of the blogger buds she passed it on to. Thanks Patty! I told her that when I was messing around changing my blog templates I lost the awards I use to have, and a few other things. I have also noticed that some of my links of blogs I visit have disappeared from my sidebar. I know I didn't do that, so I have to think that blogger has done that. I have heard of that happening before, so don't be insulted if your link is not there. It certainly wasn't my intention and I will try and restore it soon.

I will pass this on to these bloggers because they have been so faithful about visiting me
and I enjoy visiting them.

3. Kat
6. Dana
9. BJ
10. CC
11. Myra
12. Wil
13. Mary
I know that some won't accept the award and that is okay....just wanted to let you know I appreciate your visits. Ann...I didn't put you on there because I remember you saying Please don't give me any more awards. But if you changed your mind, please take it!


Rudee said...

Thank you so much, Brenda.

The photo is just beautiful. WHat lovely scenery and so close to town!

The Bug said...

Thanks for the award - if I can figure out how I might do something with it LOL.

Love the lake picture - gorgeous!

Myra said...

We had one day, Sunday, of Indian Summer. My favorite time of year, and I only go one day!!!! Sad... But I did get out for a nice walk with the fur-girls!!!
That looks like a lovely place to be! I wish I lived in such a place! 8-)
Thanks for the recognition Brenda! I enjoy visiting your blog too! 8-)
Have a great week!

Patty said...

The photo looks so peaceful and relaxing.

As for the award, I didn't notify the ones I gave it to, since I know some don't like to participate in this sort of thing. It can be time consuming. But I figured either they would just automatically find it, or someone would tell them. See, I'm lazy. LOL

Wonder who will get voted off of Dancing With The Stars tonight? Well time to fix a bite of supper/dinner.

The Crusty Crone said...

An award? For me?!

Thank you!!

I'll see if I can get it copied. I need to so clean up my sidebar, not only to post the award but I've got a lot of dead links, too. Time and change seem to go together. (I had been given two other awards some time ago, but lost them in the flurry of computer deaths around here. I might have them saved somewhere, but I can't remember who gave them to me....insert embarrassed look here.)

Poetikat said...

I graciously accept your generous award, Brenda. There is one like it on my award board at the bottom of my blog, so please don't be offended if I fail to post this one again.

I do appreciate the sincerity and spirit of the gesture.



Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Oh, what a gorgeous picture of a beautiful area. Isn't it fun to drive around and come upon such a lovely place?

We had 74 today. Yay! All week will be nice, except for a shower Thursday. My older son is coming Friday from Ohio, bringing along my 10 year old granddaughter. Yay!

Some teachers meeetings next week give her a few days off. Can't wait to see them, since they haven't been here since Easter. So I have been busy getting ready.

Thanks so much for the award. Merle gave me that one as well, and haven't had time to pick it up yet. But I have also decided to no longer participate in awards anymore. However, I do appreciate you thinking of me.

Have a great Wednesday!



Brenda said...

Thanks for your visits everyone!

Sandy said...

I love that photo of the area, just gorgeous!! How fun to see artists painting there. Thanks so much for the honor of the award. I'm lazy as you probably have guessed because I never post awards, but I appreciate them.

I just think its' so cool you and Bob get out for rides like that. Isn't it fun to go and get lost...

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