Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Names for the Baby

My daughter said that Maddie asked for MeMaw twice today! She likes me...she really likes me! I feel like Sally Field at the Academy Awards. She is getting old enough now to talk in sentences and say what she wants to say. Katy was asking if we wanted to put in some requests for names for the new baby. I said, Millie Mae or Me Maw. Millie Mae could be after my Mom and Grandma. Me Maw could be after me. She said .....NO. So I thought I would ask some of the people that visit my blog, if you know of any really cool Irish or Scottish names to suggest.
Stay tuned for tomorrows post where I complain about a stove we bought a few months ago.


Rudee said...

Is she, or are you looking for traditional names? I love the name Colleen.

Maddie is beautiful!

Brenda said...

I like Colleen also Rudee. That name is going in the suggestion box! I am guessing the baby is a boy though. What do you think about Haskell?

PhilipH said...

Philip and George are two perfect names for a boy.

But maybe I'm biased?


Poetikat said...

Has she been watching "The Big Bang Theory"?

Poetikat said...

Haskell is a very distinguished sounding name. I like it!

Rudee said...

Haskell is a very nice name, but he'll always be rhymed with rascal!

Myra said...

MeMaw? Is that what the little one calls you? Is that her interpretation of Grandma? Or is it MeMaw? If MeMaw, how did you come up with that? Just curious! 8-)

Don't know any Irish or Scottish names. Boys or girls... Or, maybe I do, but don't know they are! 8-)
But here are a couple of names anyway...

Petra (only spelled Paitra)

Theo (which, in Dutch it is pronounced "Tayo", which this is how I would spell it, if I had another boy, put passed that stage)

Just some names I like... 8-)

Brenda said...

Rudee and Kat,
Haskel was my Dad's name. He was nicknamed Haskel the Rascel sometimes. Ha...

Yep...I like those names also, especially Philip

Big Bang Theory???? Do they have baby names on that....I missed something. Ha..

Yes she calls me MeMaw because saying Grandma is too hard sometimes. She isn't quite 2 yet. Maybe later she will call me Granny.
I like all those names you like. Especially Petra. They don't know the gender and may want to wait until he or she is born to find out. I will submit these names in the suggestion box. Thanks!

Sandy said...

She is SOOO cute and so reminds me of Holly. I'll give some thought to the name suggestion.

Another baby, seventh one, will be born in the spring and if it is a girl that are thinking of Chloe Autumn. I love that name and the mommy has beautiful red hair so I'm hoping he/she will be a redhead.

If it's a boy, I like Cameron, Donovan, Scotty, Cavendar, just a few..

Patty said...

Wait until she calls you for the first time on the phone. When our one Grandson called me, he must have been around 3, I answered and said hello, and his little voice said, Hi Gammaw. When ever I was feeling a little low, I just thought of him saying Hi Gammaw and it would cheer me up. When he was around 4, I had my first breast cancer surgery. His Mother and I had gone into the bathroom, I wanted to show her how badly bruised my breast was, we didn't lock the door, not thinking, since it was closed, and in walks the little Grandson, he takes a look and says oh my god Gammaw, oh my god, bending over, walking out, grabbing the patio door handle and saying, I need some air. We thought the poor child was going to get sick and vomit. Funny the things we remember.

Erin is a pretty name so is Colleen.

Have to run over and pick up the 9 year old granddaughter from school. Have a grand evening.

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