Saturday, October 10, 2009

You've Got Mail.......

One of my blogging friends offered to write some of us a letter or note, and I told her.."Sure! Send me one... I love getting letters and cards." Her name is Kat and she tells some great "Blasts From The Past" stories and is also a "Prolific Poet" and writer. One other thing we have in common is that we both have the lines from "Amadeus" memorized. That movie came out in 1984 and I think the first time my husband and I watched it was maybe 1986. We have watched it so many times over the years we can recite most of the lines. Our son was just a small boy when we watched it and his favorite part was when the naked man ran quickly across the screen. We tried to fast forward it but, it just became a joke after awhile.

Here is the card Kat sent me. She has such pretty handwriting and I would love to get more letters from her. There is just something exciting about going to the mailbox and seeing a letter or card from someone. I will invite anyone reading this to email me with your address and I will send a letter or card to you, and feel free to send me one also. The computer has made it so convenient to get instant messages via twitter and facebook on our cell phones, etc. But I wish we had more opportunities to practice our handwriting. So email me if you would like to participate in this dying art. I would love to hear from you.


Rudee said...

That's a cute card, Brenda.

I got a card in the mail from my girlfriend the other day that made me laugh out loud. It is good to get mail!

Sandy said...

Wow, you actually got mail and such a beautiful card.

I can't remember the last time there was something in the mail for me. Oh yes I can..just remembered a good blogger friend returned a disc to me and also had painted a beautiful little painting on a card.

The next three weeks is going to be really busy around here (I'll have to email you if I get a chance to chat about it)...but after that, hey I might join in.

PhilipH said...

You're so right. The emails and other ways of reading via the pc are not quite the same as getting a message written by hand and delivered by the postie.

Who's it from? Is this handwriting new to me? Oh no, it's from X! Joy unrestrained.

Open the envelope. Don't interupt me, I'm reading...

Yes, I agree. Snail mail may be a lot slower than electronic messages but they are worth the wait!

Gramma Ann said...

I just got a card from my grand-daughter Mercedez, and when you open it it makes kissie noises. I also received another card from Kellie my grand-daughter with a picture of her new baby girl, Kaia, in it. Kaia is my fifth great-grandchild. I love receiving mail in the slow form. But, I'm lousy sending it out to other people. ;(

Reader Wil said...

A very beautiful card Brenda! The time before Christmas is always too busy for me, even though I only have to send about 70 cards. I am glad that there is e-mail
I also loved watching "Amadeus", I can't remember the naked man though. It was probably not impressive enough.LOL.

Poetikat said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed receiving my note, Brenda! I think it's important for us to keep this writing alive. Our ancestors did it and we should too. E-mail is so easy and it can be fun and friendly as well, but nothing can replace the joy at opening your mailbox to find a hand-addressed letter or note with your name on it! Keep it going!

Your friend,

Kat (and we will write again!)

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