Monday, November 2, 2009

An Award....I am Honored!

I was pleasantly surprised with this yummy award the other day from Mary Anne Gruen, who is an author
that has written 4 stories for 10th Kingdom, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. I found out a little about her on Here is a quote from the site.

I have a great love for characters and plots...especially if they have a happy ending. Long sagas with plenty of strong women characters are especially my favorites.

I love writing about the strong women in my AU of "The Tenth Kingdom." Virginia, who always seems to be remaking herself. Rose, who tries to be a proper fairy tale princess but really wants to be a general. Matilde, who did her best to run away from her duties at one point, but now is impatient with anyone getting in the way of her work. And who couldn't love Wolf, Virginia's husband who struggles with wanting a quiet life in the woods and the burden of leadership. While his wife often tries to not deal with her feelings, Wolf dives into his headlong.

And then of course there's Buffy! In my world she learns to embrace who she is...which is what most of us have to do. And the soft hearted one time poet William the Bloody, for me is just as much her match as Wolf is Virginia's. I'm a Spuffy through and through. Though Spike eagerly embraces his position as supporter of The Slayer, while Wolf's desires are more simple.

The only trouble is, I just can't seem to write anything short.

Please check out her blog called, Starlight Blog.
It is always nice to be recognized and appreciated and also to find new blogs and people around the world to interact with. Thank you Mary Anne!

Now there are the "Rules" about passing this award on to others, but all who visit my blog know that I don't follow rules very well....or read instructions. Ha! I appreciate all of your visits and so if you enjoy visiting me.... please accept this award and post it on your blog. You all know who you are. This photo makes me really hungry for cupcakes......yum.


Poetikat said...

That is a tasty award, Brenda! Good for you!

Gramma Ann said...

Brenda, I love reading your blog. You deserve this award. Very interesting things about Mary Anne that I didn't know. I guess I should be like you and do more research. But, why? You already did the research. haha

I like Mary Anne's blog Starlight also. She writes about many interesting things.

The Crusty Crone said...

oh look... another award from Brenda. Too kewl!

I've saved it off, thanks to your open offer to everyone, and once I clean up my blog I plan to post it. (lordy, my blog needs to be updated so badly. Procrastination. Its a DNA thing.)

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