Sunday, November 29, 2009


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I am not sure why I found this so fascinating but I did. I was looking at some of my blogs I visit occasionally on my reader and came across this colored pencil site where you can click on a group of them and see all the color names. Wouldn't that be a fun job? To try and come up with enticing names for colors. Well, it might be fun for awhile but maybe after doing it for a month or so, it could be challenging. Something like my Happy Thoughts blog. At first it was fun to try and come up with all the things about life that make me smile or feel good. Try doing that for a year really do have to put more effort into observing things....and then you think...opps...already said that one 6 months ago. With colors, I suppose you can just rearrange the words around and make it seem like a different name or color even though it isn't . Like 'Orange Blossom' and later 'Blossom Orange.'

I used to sell Avon off and on for years, and had a lady who bought about 5 tubes of lipstick every 2 weeks. She confessed to me that she did not really wear all of them, she just loved the names they had and liked to look at the colors of them. Which reminds me...I have a drawer full of outdated makeup that I think I will try and use to do some kind of art work with, before they go in the trash. Ummmm....what could I come up with.


Rudee said...

I like the use of the pencils as a color wheel. I've been using the color wheel lately to help with fair isle knitting. It's interesting, though I focus mostly and the colors themselves, and not what their names should be.

Myra said...

I love coloring pencils... I don't pay much attention to the different names of them... I need to get a color wheel for my quilting, and see how that goes... 8-)

Hope you are having good weather down your way Brenda!

Sandy said...

What a cool pic. I've just pulled out my watercolor colored pencils again, first time in a long time I've tried working them. I think its' a great idea to use your old make up for art work. I hope you do.

Renie Burghardt said...

I like the pencil color wheel as well, but your idea of doing some sort of art with old makeup sounded like fun. Hope you do it and take pictures.

We had a beautiful day yesterday and again today, but it's now
starting to rain. Then it will get much cooler. Guess December is almost here, bringing colder weather. Have a good Monday!


Patty said...

It is a nice photo, love the colors, and wonder what all I could do with the colored pencils.

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