Friday, November 27, 2009

Flipping The Bird....a new adventure

I would imagine that blog post title should capture some attention. Hahaha....well we had some laughs at the dinner table yesterday about me flipping the bird at 7:30 am yesterday. I tried out some new recipes that I discovered in the book that I picked up at the library a couple of weeks ago. One recipe was a way to prepare the bird so that is not so dry. It sounded really good because you make a broth with onions carrots and celery with several spices, a little butter and water and baste the turkey in that, invert the bird so that the breast is on the bottom for 2 hours. I awoke at 2:30 am, for who knows what reason.....decided to come downstairs and start cleaning the bird because it was a big one, about 22 lbs. I had everything ready for the baking process at 5:30. All was going well, until 7:30 when it was time to flip it. I must have missed the part in the book where they give you specific instructions on how to do this. I had no leverage around this bird with which to hold onto. It was barely cooked at this point, and very slippery. I could not get a grip on it with any utensils without tearing it all to shreds, and I so wanted the thing to turn out looking like a Norman Rockwell photo. I finally had to grab the thing with pot holders and wrestle it over, while all the yummy broth ingredients sprayed all over me and the kitchen. I managed to take a photo of it but it was....gross looking.... and that is why you see a photo of the one dish that actually turned out looking half way good. My Million Dollar pie. I went back to bed after the bird flipping for one hour.
All in all....the day was very enjoyable. We played Cranium and that was a lot of fun, and told some funny stories while we feasted on the meal in the dining room. I tried to ask everyone to arrange their food on their plate to make it "picture perfect" for a photo contest. Katy has the photos on her camera and I haven't seen them yet.
My food was just "okay" this year. Nothing was very special. The dressing recipe I made was not very good, and the lemon meringue pie was so runny I will have to throw it away. I still haven't figured that out because after I made it, it looked fine. I followed the recipe it remains a mystery for right now.
Next year I think I will just go buy store bought items, and give up on the "made from scratch" route. It just wasn't worth the effort that went into it. Bob Evans has some really tasty "already made" things.
The best part of it all..... was that we had so much fun. No drama...nothing negative about the entire day, as far as I know. Just lots of blessings.


Rudee said...

Thanks for the morning chuckles. I can just envision you wresting with the turkey.

I battled with the half-arsed excuse of an oven I have. I'm already trying to think of how I'm going to cook on Christmas. When we rented this house, it was shown with a newer stainless stove/oven. When the owners moved out, they took that with them and in its place, left a stove that doesn't work. Ugh. 4 more months.

The Crusty Crone said...

But...but... you never said whether or not 'flipping the bird' made it moist. Was it worth the effort in the long run?

(I saw this tip on a lot of the cooking shows/segments and one of them said you would need to use kitchen towels when flipping because the bird would be hot.) I figure with my luck if I cooked the bird breast down, when I went to flip it, the skin would stick to something and rip off. I'm not crazy about topless breasts, know what I mean?

Winifred said...

Oh Brenda that was funny. I can just picture you. 22 pounds, that was a giant!

My husband always cooks the turkey at Christmas, well I don't eat it so it's down to him. Not sure how he does it though but it isn't a large one I know that. My daughter and I have salmon! Much easier to cook.

I know lots of the chefs in the UK cook a turkey this way. They do it right from the start though, not part way through. Apart from keeping the breast moist it's supposed to reduce the cooking time. Not that I could confirm this.

Rudee - are people allowed to leave something different to what was advertised would be in the house you rented it? Surely that breaks their contract. Dare I say did you have ham?

Brenda said...

I am still wondering about our new stove also. Still have not gone out to purchase one of those thermometers to check it, or to go to Sears and complain. It is on my "to do" list. That sucks about your stove that you thought you were getting when you rented it. Which reminds me...are you guys still searching for a different home?

Yes....I think it did make a difference. I thought it tasted really good, and I didn't hear anyone else complain. Would I do it again though....probably not.
It did stick as you wasn't a complete disaster though. I think the thing that made it taste better was the broth used to baste it in...

I came very close to not turning it when I realized how difficult it was going to be. I thought to myself...well if 2 hours makes it moist why not 3 more. Then I took a peak at the underside and changed my mind. I wonder when they don't flip it does it brown up and look good enough for a photo. I will have to look into that.
Thanks for your visits!

Patty said...

We to had a nice day. No family squabbles, which can arise, when you get four daughters all in the PMS stages in the house at the same time, with three grandchildren and one partner, one husband couldn't make it, he got off work from the hospital at 7am, and decided to sleep at home rather than try to sleep here, since he had to go back to work at 7pm. I bought a Marie Calenders very berry, raspberry pie (frozen only had to bake), it was delicious. Also had two pies shells, filled one with chocolate pudding, an one with a pumpkin pudding that I used part cool whip, made it more like a chiffon pie, one daughter that doesn't care much for pumpkin thought it was delicious. I only had to prepare the bird, dressing, green bean casserole and had two kinds of cranberries, one the old stand by straight from the can jelled, and some I bought from the deli, the apple cranberry jello salad.
One daughter brought a cheese ball and crackers, one brought the hot rolls and ginger bread cookies, one brought sweet potato casserole, broccoli/cheese/rice casserole, sauerkraut salad, and olives, one made from scratch her macaroni and cheese casserole and a snack called Puppy Chow. So we had more than enough to eat. Way too much.

Brenda said...

I think I am familiar with all of those dishes you all had... except the sauerkraut salad. Can you send me that one? Glad you had a nice day also!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Well, all is well that ends well, right? I usually roast my bird breast side down for some time, before turning it. My daughter helped me turn it. We actually ate out a lot. For my birthday, we ate at the Exotic Grill. Enjoyed that. On Thanksgiving, we ate at the Holiday Inn as they had a nice buffet in their ball room. The we cooked the turkey yesterday, as both sons could join us then. Everything was delicious. My daughter and girls leave today at noon. They drive to St. Louis and catch their flight to ClevelaND AT 6 PM. Everyone is still asleep right now. I love my new laptop
with the windows 7, but still have to get used to it. I also love my wireless Verizon high speed. It's terrific.

Have a great weekend.



Sandy said...

hahahaha, funny story about flipping the bird. Sounds like you had successes and oh well, a few failures but doesn't that always happen? The only thing I contributed to the day was salad and homemade ranch dressing.

The guys did the rest and I sat around and drew all day. Lucky me.

I've been waking up so early, sometimes by 3 or 4, because at night I can't keep my eyes open later than 8:30 or 9:00...

and I use to be a night owl.

Myra said...

There is always a story that comes from each Thanksgiving dinner, and yours is the bird... Too funny! 8-)

Great you all had a wonderful time Brenda! 8-)

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