Friday, November 6, 2009

My new hobby...........

My latest thing to become obsessed with has been ....all things related to American History, with a special attention being paid to First Ladies. When I was being educated back in the olden days, History was very boring. Boring stories..most not even all that accurate today's standards and having to memorize lots of dates...yada yada yada. Why is that when I became a half century old myself, I became very interested in most things involving the past? There was something about turning that age that caused me to want to know more about my own family genealogy and I think that was when it all came to life for me.
The photo above is of all of the library books I have been renewing for the past...I don't know how long. Why I had to be so greedy and check out 7 books thinking I could read them all in 2 weeks is beyond me. The lady who checked me out said.."Well, they will either sit on our shelve... or yours, and as long as no one requests them, it may as well be yours. "
I decided to take a photo of them, just in case I take them back before I get to finish them all. That way I can order them off of Amazon or maybe just get a Kindle for Christmas and read them that way. This house is overrun with books and no where to go with them. Good thing someone came up with the idea of electronic book reading...I may have to resort to reading that way.
I just finished reading "The Lost Symbol", Dan Brown's latest book. It was pretty good, I thought. He packs a little too much in each book, for my taste. I would have preferred for him to take the five books he wrote and stretch them into 10. Just too much information to absorb in my opinion.
Don't think I am trying to impress anyone with this post about my new knowledge of History. I am so far behind the average person, it will take me a very long time to hold my own in a conversation with anyone about it. Back to my studies..........


Gramma Ann said...

Enjoy your history lessons or reading. I am reading a book that is light and airy this week-end. I know nothing about history as far as carrying on a conversation goes. But, I would be more than willing to listen!

PhilipH said...

Hi Brenda,
Firstly, thanks for your comments and good wishes re Mrs.CroydonBoy. Glad to say she is feeling some benefit of the procedure now.

History? According to Henry Ford 'history is bunk' - but he was wrong! History becomes more and more enjoyable as one 'matures', like good wine.

When I first came to Mellerstain I got more and more involved in the history of the place, together with Scotland's somewhat bloody history.

I wish you well in your new interest. Don't worry, I'll not be setting questions for you!

Cheers, Phil

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

I love history. especially love biographies of famous historical figures. Loved Teddy Rosevelt's biography. He was a most interesting man and president. Ditto about Thomas Jefferson, etc. I love non-fiction the best.

Interesting new hobby. Looking forward to more posts as you get more into it.

Have a great weekend!



Patty said...

Happy week-end, hope you get in a lot of reading. I like murders, true life stories. Our daughters tell me I'm weird.

Sandy said...

I am kind of like that, there are so many things I want to reach and research but so little time. I finally took back six art books I had checked out from the library a few weeks ago that were several days late. Never had a chance to read them. I figured after my busy period I can check them out again.

JoMo said...

Great choices. I vote for Legends & Lies, sounds like a good place to start to me.

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