Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update of My Days.......

Boy....I have been slipping with the upkeep of my journal blog here. Almost a week has past since I wrote something. We had a great weekend of playing around with a new toy I bought. A power washer. Our home with white siding had become...well...gross, and it was going to take more muscle than we possess. I researched power washers...a little... and discovered we could do just fine with an inexpensive one, and it worked! It took most of the weekend, but we now have a much "cleaner looking outside" and I did the driveway also. Come Spring we will finish it, but we managed to get it to look better anyway.
Our weather has been wonderful! Except for today...it is dark and rainy today. But, after doing the shopping yesterday for the Thanksgiving feast, I am just snug as a bug in my home, doing some of the prep work for the bigger work load I will face tomorrow. The cornbread has been made for the dressing, and I have made 2 pie shells. This is my first time of trying to make homemade pie shells. If they work out, I will photo them and post them later. I make so many dishes that they have to be made days ahead of time, and in stages, according to how much I can store in the fridg.
Hanging out in the kitchen, I have been watching a little more TV than usual. I watched Rachel Ray for the first time today. The main thing I got out of the show was that she invented a pot designed to hold spaghetti without having to break it up. I have always broken my spaghetti up in half to fit in the pot. I kinda like the sound of snapping the spaghetti, so don't know that I will run out and buy the pot. It is a great invention though and I would imagine it could be used for other items that have a more oblong shape.
Back to work for now.......


Poetikat said...

I thought maybe it was Farmville that was taking up your days. Glad to hear it's a power washer. ha ha.

I usually stick the whole length of spaghetti in from one end and then as it softens a bit, I push it down. Then I stir it around until everything is even. I don't think I'd bother with that pot either, Brenda.

Brenda said...

Too funny...about farmville. I really don't like that one very much. I like farm town better. I think I have baked, cooked and farmed every game on that crazy facebook. Man what a time waster! Contrary to how it may look...I do many things besides facebook! Computer things are set aside for in between time while in the kitchen. Many days I wonder how much I would really get done if it weren't for computer though. I used to fill spare time with doing crosswords and pencil games, crytograms and sudoko, etc.

Gramma Ann said...

I break my spaghetti in four or five pieces, because Tony wants it broke up into small pieces. He even takes a knife and cuts it smaller when we eat it. I twirl mine around on my fork and then eat it. Funny how we like eating our spaghetti different.

The Bug said...

I break my spaghetti up too - otherwise I slap myself in the face with the noodles when I try to eat it. I'm spaghetti-impaired.

I spend too much time on FB too - I like FarmTown, Superpoke Pets (I have a penguin - imagine that!) & YoVille...

I probably won't do the internet much while we're gone to NC so I hope you have a great holiday!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Quick stop to see what you have been up to.
My son has a power washer and it works great!

I rarely eat spagetthi, so won't get in on that debate. Just have never really gotten too fond of it.

Now that I have a new laptop and finally high speed internet, I could do some games. We will see. I usually am not that much into the facebook games.

Mainly I came by to wish you and your great Bob and the rest of the family, a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Gobble, gobble! :-)


Patty said...

I don't break my spaghetti, I start it off, and slowly keep pushing it into the boiling water. I have this one old kettle that was my Grandmothers and it works great for spaghetti. Sounds like Poetikat cooks hers like I do.

Abe got a power washer several years ago at Lowes, it wasn't real expensive, but did find out you have to be careful what you're doing with it. LOL Otherwise you can take away too much and dig into the wood or paint.

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