Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I watched the new TV show "V" last night. It was a Sci-Fi/comedy. It was holding my interest off and on while I knitted the baby afghan I have been working on here and there. I now have 3 blocks done, and started on the fourth one. The show was entertaining until the main alien told the Americans they would promise them Universal Health Care. That line cracked me up. Don't know where they are going with this one. I mainly wanted to watch it because Juliet from "Lost" is one of the main characters. I haven't gotten to see "Flashforward" yet, but noticed that a few of the cast from "Lost" are on that show. "Lost" is suppose to answer all of our questions from the precious 5 seasons...starting this January. I read that it may be delayed until March because of the Olympics. That will be okay with me. It will take me that long to watch some reruns of the past few years and try and put together my long list of questions I want an answer to. My daughter and I are the only ones in my family that are hooked on get your list ready Katy!


Gramma Ann said...

I have no comment today, beings that I have never watched any of those shows.

About the only things I watch on TV now is TCM if they have an old classic movie I want to watch, Dancing With the Stars, and The Jay Leno Show. That's about as "alien" as I get. haha

Renie Burghardt said...

I don't watch Lost either, and haven't seen V. Curious about their health care plan though.

Will you be showing pictures of the new afghan you're working on?

Beautiful day ahead. Wednesday is our day to go to the Chinese Buffet. Yay! Happy Wednesday to you, Brenda.



PS. Congratulations on your new "sweet" award!

Patty said...

Never watched it, but did watch Dancing With The Stars and then The Good Wife, before Dancing With The Stars, granddaughter and I watched America's Funniest Home Videos.

Rudee said...

That's the problem with working nights. I missed the much ballyhooed, V. Sounds like I may not have missed much;0.

Myra said...

I don't watch any of those shows, but was kind of curious about this "V" show. Many years ago DH and I watch a show called V... Aliens came to earth, looking like humans on the outside, but could change appearance, and ate the humans... Is it along the same lines?

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