Monday, December 14, 2009

Can't Sleep.....

Well...I over slept this morning and now I can't get to sleep. I have too much to do.. to have... too little sleep. I would do some cooking that I need to do tomorrow but I don't want to wake everyone else with all my pot clanging. So thought I would just clang on the typewriter instead. Whoops...this isn't exactly a typewriter, thank goodness. I remember those crazy things. My first typing class I think we had 2 electrics and all the rest were like this one. may not have been quite this bad, but close. The keys were really hard to push. How my fellow classmates typed 70 wpm on those I will never know. I love the little short close together keys on this laptop. Whenever I have to use a regular computer keyboard I even have trouble pushing the keys down. I sound so wimpy.
But....two wonderful things happened to me today at the gym. First...I found the bathrooms, and yes they really were hidden. Very odd place for a potty. Second...I did so well... the trainer promoted me to higher weights and longer counts, or whatever you call the number of times you do the exercise. I walked out of there proud as a peacock. I thought ...."Not bad for an old". Maybe this time next year, I will be able to lift a car or something.
I have also been messing around with my blog templates again and losing the blog roll. That is always the first thing to go and a hard thing to recover. I have a couple of test blogs just for those times when I want to change things around and not lose anything on this one, but it doesn't always work, when I go to changing things here. I am just not that slick with computer things like that. While I was over at the testing blog, I noticed when I came back to this one that the font is really large. So if anyone reads this post let me know if you think it is too large and looks ridiculous.
Tomorrow I may change my hair color to a darker one also. (If I have time) I do that sometimes...go back and forth from blond to darker. I always think the darker will make me look younger and hide some grays, but I think I just like to change things up every so often.
Off to search for a tasty appetizer recipe for a party Wednesday.........

The first photo was taken down on Main St. Just thought I'd throw that in.


Renie Burghardt said...

Good morning, Brenda! You are up early. So am I. Actually have to boggie as I am going to church this morning and mass is at 8 AM.

Your header looks delish! I enjoyed your sense of humor this morning. Have a great day!



The Bug said...

I agree - the header looks super yummy!

I don't think the font is too big - but I'm about ready to need reading glasses, so that's probably why I think it's just right.

We only had ONE electric typewriter in our typing class. I remember typing a whole row of "j's" with that thing the first time I got on it - it was hard to go from having to really work to get the keys to go down to just looking at the key funny & it would type LOL.

Winifred said...

Oh my. I'm not an early bird at all. I do like your header. Truly scrumptious!

The font size is fine, not too large for me.

Gramma Ann said...

Oh yes I remember those typewriters. We had the Royal typewriter in our typing classes, way back when. I am so glad I learned how to type those many years ago, or I would not be blogging. It would take forever if I didn't know how to type.

I was awake most of the night last night too. I hope things go better for us both tonight. LOL....

Rudee said...

THe pie looks scrumptious. It's almost to pretty to eat, but I'd get over that quickly. I'd want the middle for the extra dough.

I flunked typing class, but I'm pretty quick on a keyboard.

Way to go with the weights! Keep up the good work. Good thing I wasn't at that gym this week--the one with the hidden potty. Oy.

Myra said...

That pie is gorgeous... if pies can be... It looks wonderful... Looks too good to spoil it by cutting it up... 8-)
I am not an early bird... definitely a night owl... as you can tell... 1am!!!
My grandpa used to us a typewriter like that at work... many moons ago...
Take care Brenda!

Sandy said...

Enjoyed reading you and wow that typewriter brings back memories. When I did medical transcription on a selectric II, I typed about 110 words a minute. One thing I could do was type FAST. Which was good because I got paid by line count.

Great news about the gym and your progress!

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