Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I stopped making New Year's Resolutions too many years ago to remember. I am not actually sure I ever remember making any. Ha.... The hardest part for a new year turning over, for me is to remember to write down the correct year. Maybe I will practice writing 2010. Well....nah...I am sure I won't. I will be watching a movie and knitting, and doubt I will even make it until midnight. Our neighbors like to shoot fireworks off that will be my clue for the 2010 beginning.

Happy New Year!


Mary Anne Gruen said...

I love the 2010 graphic!

Like you I have trouble remembering to write the new year. It's especially hard when moving into a new decade.

We're having a pretty quiet New Year as well, although with another couple. I especially like it when the day following is quiet. It's a nice pause before things start in earnest.

The Bug said...

This will be our first New Year in the new house - I'll be curious to see if our neighborhood is rowdy. I'm doubting it. I'll probably TRY to stay up - we'll see if I succeed!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

I don't make New Year's Resolutions either, except to enjoy each day as much as possible, and that I do now.

Eileen and a couple of other friends are coming over, and we'll be snacking and yakking and having a bit of the bubbly, but not much. We plan to watch the ball drop (Eileen can never miss that since she is from New York City.) Tomorrow I have been invited to dinner, after church.

Have a fun New Year's Eve, and a Happy 2010~



Rudee said...

Happy New Year, Brenda. I hope you got some sleep. I worked until 1 AM, but nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Glad to have a 3 day weekend here!

Myra said...

Happy new year Brenda!
Sounds like it was low-key over there last night!
We haven't shared a new year's eve with anyone for a few years, but this year I was up to have friends in...
I haven't made new year's resolutions either... they don't last anyway! lol!
Hope you had a great start to 2010!

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