Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How I Named My Blog Day

While visiting Dana's blog this morning I discovered Ruth is having a How I Named My Blog Day. So...thought I would join in.
Lets see......I started a blog just about this time 2 years ago called Ageing Wisdom. I started blogging mainly because we were expecting our first grandchild and I wanted to journal about the experience. I think that name just popped into my head, without much thought behind it....getting old...being a Grandma....maybe I have become wiser.....Ha! I would have been ok keeping that blog and name, but when blogger decided to add the sidebar thing that shows the blogs that you follow....mine would not update. I liked that feature and the only thing I knew to do to get mine to update was to start a new blog all together. So that is when I chose the name "Days of My Life". There isn't anything interesting behind that thought. It is nothing more than a journal of my days. I do wish I would have put a more creative spin on my name though....I wish I would have named it "A Blip On The Radar" maybe.......because I think about how huge blogging has become and how many good blogs and nice people there are out in cyberville or cyberland ....to get to know.
I love all the creative names for blogs and enjoyed seeing some of them over at Ruth's. Thanks Dana for directing me there.


Poetikat said...

I bet there's a "Blip on the Radar" out there already.
I think the name of your blog suits you. It is straightforward and honest just like you.
I think I'll do this too.

Renie Burghardt said...

Yes, there are so many creative sounding blogs. Mine sure isn't but that's okay. I now have a nice new laptop with windows 7, have wireless high speed Internet (thanks to Verizon) and should do something more creative with my blog, but who has the time? I always have other things that interest me more, to do. Like going out with friends! Then there is writing. I have a great opp. now with something totally new, and haven't even started yet. But the deadline in December 31st, so I figure I will get motivated before then.

I remember Ageing Wisdom, and Happy Thoughts, too. I like the new name. Kind of reminds me of a soap opera name. :-)

Gotta run!



Sandy said...

I'll have to check out that link, thanks.

Well I wish I had named mine more creative and if I ever come up with something I'll change the title.

Gramma Ann said...

I just came from Poetikat's blog and read how she named her blog, and now I find your post on how you named your blog interesting also. Maybe, I need to do a post on how I got so many blogs and names for them. Maybe NOT! I explained My Moody Blues blog on Poetikats blog, so will not go into that again. I will go now and visit Dana's blog. I love reading how everyone came up with the names of their blogs.

Myra said...

Great idea Ruth had hey!?! I've often wondered where some of the titles came from... Thanks for the links! 8-)

Ruth said...

Hi there, Brenda, how great that you joined the How I Named My Blog meme today, thank you!

Your blog name reminds me of the soap opera, Days of Our Lives. I didn't watch it, but those titles can never be forgotten, can they?

Speaking of Blogger problems, I am still helpless about editing posts, so I can't add your blog to my list of blogs participating today, unfortunately. I'm glad you left a comment there though!

It's fun to see this rippling out farther too. :)

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