Sunday, December 20, 2009

Knitted Poncho

I finally finished the poncho I was knitting for Maddie to match her hat. After looking at the photo though, I see that I should have blocked it or steamed it before I put it on her and took a photo. Oh well. I was so surprised it fit her. Once again, as with the hat, I could not figure out the instructions and had to make it up as I went along.

Bob took these with his iPhone. It takes pretty good photos. She couldn't quite get the feel of the sleeveless poncho as you can see, and wanted to play "Where's Maddie" with the hat. I think now I will go back to knitting her little sister the blanket I started a while back.


Gramma Ann said...

That is so cute. And she looks so cute in it. You did a good job, if you had no directions to follow. I always have to have directions, or forget it. Maddie sure growing up so fast, it seems like she was just crawling around the house yesterday.

Rudee said...

Awesome, Brenda! It's adorable, and of course, so is she!

Your picture of Clifford is pretty cute, too. I'm guessing you're missing him these holidays. Such a handsome boy.

Patty said...

How adorable. Looks like she's saying, grandma take the photos all ready, I'm getting HOT. LOL

Want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. I will be pretty busy this next week, and won't be able to make all of my blog rounds. Thank goodness for being able to post ahead. Merry Christmas.

Myra said...

Adorable little set! Adorable little Maddie! 8-)

Poetikat said...

Wow! Nice job, Brenda. Lovely colours too.

My best wishes to you and your family for a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!


Sandy said...

Great job on that and she looks so cute with it on.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
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