Monday, December 28, 2009

Sweating It...

Just had a great workout at the gym. I have been trying to push myself a little more each time. And by little...I do mean little. Like never increasing each exercise more than 10 repetitions from the last time. I have however tried to increase the elliptical to however far I feel I can go.... without overdoing it. I think I remember my trainer telling me that I should try to build up to being "out of breath" at the end of a workout. I came closer to that today, but not quite. My biggest goal right now is to just go everyday or at least 5 days a week and not slack off at all. So far...I have achieved that.
I get emails from the gym, and the one I got today said something like...Now that you have been going for a few weeks, you should start seeing some results. Well...not really. I don't think anyone that looks at me would think I go to the gym. Ha.. But I do feel better and that is hopefully what they meant. The great thing about this particular gym is that I don't feel self-conscious at all. I see women and men that are my age and older and some that are in a little worse shape than me, and I feel like we are there just trying to get healthier...and that in itself is a great feeling. I used to go to Vic Tanney about 20 years ago with a friend and I just felt like it was a show-off your body place....or someplace to try and meet someone if you were single.
Well...we are barely into winter and I am already missing sunny days and flowers. The orchid in my bathroom is almost ready to burst out! Can't wait!!


Myra said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your workouts and the gym you've been going to Brenda! Good for you! 8-)

Renie Burghardt said...

Hey, that's just great, Brenda! Keep going at your pace, and you'll do fine and achieve your goal.

They say an arctic front is moving in. Brrr! Stay warm.



PhilipH said...

That's the way to do it Brenda! Keep going strong, as I'm sure you will.

Best wishes, Phil and Pat

Rudee said...

I think the best result of working out is the sense of well being we get. It may not be visible from the outside, but it is certainly a tangible feeling on the inside. It wards off depression during these gloomy months.

Remember--whatever you've put on in terms of weight did not arrive overnight. It won't leave like that either, but I'm certain you can do this!

You make me want to start taking yoga classes again.

Brenda said...

Thanks everyone! I need to keep blogging about my progress with this exercise so I don't fall away from it. Rudee....they have yoga...which I love....but it is at 7 pm. They have pilates 2 days a week that I want to try, and swimming exercises also. Yoga is really great it!

Jo said...

Brenda, you're my hero, and my inspiration...!



Winifred said...

Oh my aren't you good.

I'm finally over my coughs, colds, stomach bug and full time babysitting. Hope to get back to swimming tomorrow. Most of the people that go there in the mornings are certainly not there to show off their bodies or to look for someone to get off with. Mostly we're over 60 so I feel at home.

Look forward to seeing photos of your orchid.

Hope you and your family have a lovely year in 2010.

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