Sunday, December 13, 2009

Too Many Days to Catch Up On....

This is a very bad picture of what was a beautiful snowflake made by a lady that partners with me as President of the Ladies Auxiliary. We had our annual Christmas party and she surprised me by bringing 18 of these for decor at the hall. I was very impressed. Just made out of paper. My camera was not cooperating and the photos came out blurry no matter what I tried. I did however, find the video of how to make them on line.
How to make a beautiful paper snowflake for decorations. Click here.
I have not been doing very well on keeping my "Days" journal here, but it is after all a very busy time of the year. I have been attending the gym every day since I joined and have not ruined any machines or made a fool out of myself just yet. I am still feeling like the new kid on the block..wandering around not sure of where anything is. I was searching around the other day looking for a bathroom, and was unable to find one, even in an area that I thought would be an obvious location. Where the lockers and showers would think, but they seem to be hidden from me. I looked around twice and didn't see them. Most of the people I see there have on headphones and are listening to something, so I don't want to bother them. Tomorrow I plan on finding the bathrooms and learning some new machines.
Last Thursday and Friday I spent the days with Maddie and she was sick on Thursday night and Friday. Saturday she was over it though and she had a nice day with her Mom and Dad.
Saturday we went to church to set up for the party and then came back after a little while and got ready to attend Mass and the party afterwards. The food was really good and we received an award for Family of The Year. It is nice to be appreciated and recognized, but I try not to do things expecting anything in return. I guess I should be more gracious if someone tries to throw a compliment my way....but I usually just end up getting embarrassed. Either that or I get defensive. Like when someone says..."Oh I like your hair." I tend to think... boy it must have really looked bad the last time you saw me. I need to work on that. I should just smile and say..."Thank You!"
This week...lots of activities, everyday and 3 evening functions so I hope I can squeeze in some knitting time. There is no way...that I will complete the things I wanted to give as gifts. Oh well....maybe next year.


Rudee said...

"This week...lots of activities, everyday and 3 evening functions so I hope I can squeeze in some knitting time. There is no way...that I will complete the things I wanted to give as gifts. Oh well....maybe next year."

I need to make note of this so that I can just copy and paste my response for next year's lament to holiday knittin:

bwahahahahahahaha. It never, and i mean NEVER gets done. You may however be able to start this year for Christmas 2011.

(and yes, practice saying thank you to compliments)

The Bug said...

You know how some people always scope out the exits in a new place? I'm that way about bathrooms LOL. I have to go at least once per hour so I would have had to find the bathroom at your gym before now!

You're a lot busier than me, but some of that is because we always go home to NC for Christmas so I don't get involved in very many things here in Ohio. We'll be there for a week this year!

Sandy said...

Wow, you've been busy and wow again on being awarded family of the year.

Enjoyed catching up with you and glad Maddie is well again.

Patty said...

I think everyone is busy this time of year. I must compliment you on getting to the gym everyday. I wouldn't be able to do that. And like you, I also need to say, thank you and let it stop there. But I have a tendency not to. LOL
The pie in the header looks delicious, I could eat a piece right about now. Have to get to the kitchen and start dinner.

Poetikat said...

Good for you-going to the gym! I'm sure you'll see the benefits very soon.
Beautiful snowflake too! I doubt I could make that; I'd probably cut it wrong.
That pie in your header looks good enough to eat!

Renie Burghardt said...

Like everyone says, you have been busy. So have I, so I'm late commenting. Congratulations on the Family of the Year award! That's a really nice honor. We're having our curch Christmas party this Saturday. I always enjoy them. Have a great rest of the week. Oh, and your snowflake picture isn't bad at all.



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