Saturday, February 7, 2009

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

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Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

I saw this over at Wil's and I think she saw it at Patty's Anyway I swiped it and thought I would like for it to hang out at my place today since I will be off running errands and won't have time to post anything today.

So special! Thanks.... whoever did this!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just A Quick Update

"Weaver's Fever" quilt I made for my niece several years ago.

My new camera lets me take videos and pictures, but I am not able to download them on to Picassa which is where I crop, fix my pictures. I need to remember to just take a video and then download that, delete it and then take pictures. For some reason it won't let me do both. I had taken some pictures to talk about but those will have to wait until I get some help from my hubby when he gets a chance to help me. So I thought I would just talk about quilt shows. It is getting time to decide which one I want to go to in April. I could go to the one in Paducah which is the one I have been going to for almost 22 years. Or I could try to get adventurous and drive to Denver and experience something I haven't done before. The Denver trip would take longer and be more expensive, so most likely the Paducah one will win out.
I have worn myself out this week with all the changing of rooms and cleaning, so tonight I am taking a break and going to knit and watch the tube. Tomorrow I get to be with the baby all day, so may or may not get on the computer. Our weather is suppose to get in the 50's for a couple of days.
They just had a news cast on the TV about how movie stars, etc. don't really look as good as their pictures. Those pictures are photo enhanced to make them look skinnier, and all perfect. Geez..I thought they all got plastic surgery?!?!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rearranging Furniture...What Was I Thinking!

Several days ago I got the itch to try and improve the looks of things around here. I am now beyond exhausted and they don't look any better. We have a two story with a finished basement and the above picture is one that I took at a Quilt Show last summer to help me remember this post, and hopefully never get this idea in my head again! It started out in my mind to change out a bedroom that my son used to use, and move what was in there down to the basement. Then I was wanting to move my sewing room into that bedroom and have the old sewing room be the baby's room. I have WAY too much stuff and had hoped that by doing this I would be forced to get rid of most of it. So far I haven't gotten rid of very much, because the entire process was just too much. It was hard to walk around until most of it got shoved somewhere. I may have to bite the bullet and just bag it up and cart it off to the goodwill..crying all the way.
I want to live in a serene and peaceful home, free of clutter, but I am not so sure that will happen. I have too many books, material, yarn, artsy and crafty things piled up. If you are someone that loves to sew, quilt and create things, it is just too hard to throw it away. You just never know when you may need that orange flowered strip of fabric from 1970...
I have been thinking about changing my blog again though and adding a slide show or organizing it a little better. I want to take some pictures of some spoons that Katy gave me from Ireland and England and some jewelry made out of gemstones that my cousin made me. I also have 2 dollhouses that I may get rid of and will try to take a picture of first. One I built from a kit. I used to love miniature things. I hear the Goodwill and Thrift stores are doing very well these days with so many folks out of work. They will have a good home hopefully. Sigh.....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Nice Award from Patty

I have a new blogging friend named Patty who surprised me with this award. Whenever I visit some of my regular blogs I had noticed that Patty visits the same blogs and comments, so I decided to go over to her place and say "Hi". Then when I came back, here was this cool award! I also visited the ladies she gave it to and find that you meet some pretty neat people this way. What an interesting world we live in, filled with so many interesting people! I would so much prefer to be on this computer doing blog hopping than listening to depressing news on the tube. So Thanks Patty! And I shall pass this on to some others that you may want to check out. And don't forget to go check out Patty's...she finds some interesting videos and topics to share.

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Have a great Sunday and try to find something fun to do today!

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever