Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Just May Get In Trouble Again

Okay.....I am not liking the new "google follower" widget thing. I was just visiting some blogs and noticed it and tried to click to follow a blog and it asked for my password on my gmail account. I was already signed in to my account, so I don't understand what that was all about. Hopefully, it was just some misunderstanding on my part.
The only thing I have to talk about today is the site meter most of us have on our blogs. I will always keep one, because I think it is helpful for tracking visitors in the same way a home security system is. But as far as relying on it to be very accurate with average time a person spends looking on your blog or any of those things, I don't get too excited about that. And I have to confess the reason behind that statement. I can't tell you how many times I have been on a blog and gotten interrupted with a telephone call or visitor or something that has taken me away from the computer, and that blog has been hanging there until I get back to the computer, sometimes the next day. Is it possible that it times out after a little while? I really need to stop doing that. I may have to put some sticky notes on my computer to remind me.
My memory is going down the tubes fast. The plus to that though, is that I don't get stressed or hold many grudges against anyone, because I can't remember if you have insulted me. And I can't hear all that well anymore either. I really am not that old yet either, which is really scary!
I have been feeling edgy and irritable lately, and I am hoping it is just the impatience for nicer weather to get here. This weekend we are supposed to get 2 inches of snow and temps in the 30's. That is not going to improve my mood!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Not so sure about the fashion for this thimble in 1947

but this is what my Mom and Dad wore that year.

And this concludes the "Women and Fashions of the Avon Thimbles."

I found these 2 pieces of jewelry in my Mom's stuff a while back and thought I would try to take a picture of it. I don't remember her ever wearing either of these. The necklace is kinda interesting, but I didn't try to put it on yet. Sorta like a pearl (not real) collar.

Cameos were popular once upon a time. I forget if they were popular in the 50's or 60's.....


The forties and fifties are probably my favorite eras. I was born in 51 but the 40's would have been when my parents were young adults just starting out in the world with their own families. I like a lot of the music that was around then and I did love the clothes, hats and gloves they wore. I also loved the hairstyles. I really like the hairstyle on this thimble, and used to wear my hair that way kinda when I was in my early 20's.

My Mom in 1942.
My Mom and Dad in 1944.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


The picture below is my Mom. I am sure it is a few years past 1938. When I went to do some digging on the internet I found confusing styles. Some showed styles with large shoulder pads and small tiny waists with the dress or skirt hem about where this one is on my Mom. Other pictures showed no shoulder pads and longer lengths.


I have a question for did the fashion change from 1927 to 1928? Nothing that I can find...sorry.


The Flapper Girl

One thing I did read about this flapper fashion, was that the short above the knee hemline styles were only worn by some women, not the average woman. Like I said before, that info may not be correct. I am getting a little glimpse into what it must be like to write a book. Or at least one where all of your information has to be researched very thoroughly. Wow...all this from taking a picture of my thimbles.


A breath of fresh air for women! No more corsets or bustles. Now the style is to have a flat chest and skinny hips. I think "thin" has been "in" ever since this era.


This thimble is only ten years past the first one. The only difference I can see in the fashion is that the bust area seems to be droopier and the bustle seems more obvious. Very large hats were popular so I am not sure why Avon decided not to give this lady a large hat.

When I did some digging into how these clothes were made, I ran across this sewing machine as being the one used during that time. My Mom had one just like this and and it was the machine I learned how to sew on. It amazes me that they could sew these large dresses on this machine. I also wonder how many outfits most women owned. I am pretty sure there were catalogs they could order these from. I need to go do some digging through my piles of catalogs, because I used to collect old catalogs, and have a few replicas probably from this era.

Women In The Late 1800's

The first lady in the thimble series represents a lady in 1890. I think that some of these clothes are pretty to look at on a painting or postcard, but can you imagine having to wear these. How long would it take you to put all of this on?

Woman during this era (I think) were expected to look attractive. My guess is that trying to look attractive in all of these clothes may have been the highlight of their day. The little bit that I tried to find out about this era, was that very few, less than 20% of women worked outside the home. The average number of children during this time surprisingly was 5 children. Take everything I write with a grain of salt because I am doing very little digging for information about this post. I have more questions than answers.

A corset seemed to be a must!

This picture is to show a woman trying to have a size 16 inch waist.

My question about this picture is did they wear corsets under these swim suits?
And if so how do you remove a wet corset???

Bertha, you just had to be the first to come and show off your riding outfit didn't you?

I think I may try to make a dress like these.
The high neck will cover up all my wrinkles .
The large puffy sleeves will disguise my arm wings.
The larger size skirt will hide my cellulite legs.

How big were the closets for all of these clothes??

Okay, now I have to go watch the Oscars and see what they are wearing!

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever