Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Is Just Around The Corner!

I was cleaning out a drawer a few weeks ago and found these seed packets. I have tried to get some flowers started from seed in the last few years, because it is cheaper and a lot more fun to watch them grow from seed. Also, when the rabbits eat the flowers I don't feel as disappointed. One year I was so excited to buy some flowers that I thought were just beautiful as I was planting them, but my excitement turned to sadness when the rabbits ate them all the way down to nothing, and they never came back. Now I have become less ambitious about planting flowers. It is still sad if the seedlings get eaten but I haven't spent as much money on them.

I started knitting a scarf that will either be for me or Maddie. This yarn came in a basket we won about a year ago. There was an odd assortment of yarn in this basket. Not much more than 2 small skeins of most of it, so whatever I do with it will have to be something small. This yarn is very very soft and I am pretty sure little Maddie will like it. I also bought the Spring issue of Debbie Bliss's magazine because I would like to make the cover shawl. I recently visited our yarn store on Main Street and they were so nice I wanted to purchase something. I just got the magazine and one $5 pattern for a child poncho for Maddie. I was proud of myself. I really have been trying to curb my spending sprees because we have so many home projects that are going to end up costing a depressing amount of money.

I also thought I would try to draw this picture we have in our bathroom. It is a little hard to tell from the photo but it has a three dimensional texture to it. I thought that might make for a challenge on the drawing. I may be in over my head though and have to try something else.
I am really hoping for a very relaxing slow weekend, because we haven't had one for several weeks, it seems. Hope your weekend is a good one and thanks for reading my blog!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life Beyond The Internet

In our community journal paper we have a sound off section where people speak their minds. Today this one caught my attention.

I'm the first to admit I'm naive. But as a senior citizen I'm proud of that because I've always thought I was nice and patient and considerate. However, I watched a TV program recently about people and the internet, and how they get on and bog or whatever it is and exchange personal notes on the Internet and tell secrets about themselves and go on and on and on. I can't imagine being so insecure and bored that they have to share things with people in the stupid computer. Come on, there is a life out there that's not the Internet.

Ummm....I know I am not a genius by a long shot, but how is typing on the computer my daily activities and thoughts any different than this person taking the time to write this "sound off" for the newspaper? She is expressing herself, or himself, and I am expressing myself.

I find blogging a fairly healthy outlet for my mind. I am pretty certain most us us who blog also get together with a lot of people on a regular basis. How else could we have so much crap to talk about.

Blogging is time consuming though. My time is not spent on my own blog as much as it is spent reading other blogs. So how about you....are you worried that you may need a 12 step group to get over the blogging addiction, or do you feel you have the whole thing under control?

When I first started blogging a little over a year ago and told my son I was blogging, he said "Don't you have to have a specialty for that?" Good point he made there. The best blogs are most likely the ones that have a single purpose, like quilting, knitting, politics, current events, recipes and food pictures. I think I have ADD and have trouble staying focused on one particular subject for very long. It is a really big world out there and all kinds of things to explore and learn about. I do learn many things by reading blogs.

I enjoy hearing from all the people I have met on the Internet and hope to get to know some more. So unless my fingers stop working, I most likely will stay on here writing out my thoughts.

Judging from the picture above maybe I have been on here toooo long. Just kidding. That was me about 28 years ago.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Objects That Talk

I was visiting Winifred's blog today and she was talking about answering machines or recorded messages. You know the ones that say Press "1" if you want to speak to blah blah blah..Press "2" for blah blah blah.. Those things are so frustrating! I was telling her that our cable company has you try and fix your own connections via recorded messages. I did that one time and I think it ended up taking me about 40 minutes. The recorded message says, "I'll hold on while you go and unplug the connection. When you return say "Finished". You know those things make you feel like you are really off your rocker. Yelling words into a phone to a recorded person, when you are by yourself is nuts! A couple of years ago I was at a mall with my daughter and the trash can was talking! "Thank You for the lovely trash" or whatever it said. This all reminded me of my Grandma. When I was visiting her about 35 years ago, they had just put in a drive through fast food place that reminded me of Sonic. You know the ones where you can pull up and talk into the intercom without driving through. I don't know why she thought that you had to get out of the car and YELL the order while she stared at the window of the building, but God love her she did. I couldn't control myself and laughed hysterically sitting in the car. I wonder if my Grandpa told her that is what you had to do. When I drove her there, she acted like she did this all the time. They always went and got a bag of burgers... so I let her do her thing. I did however, tell her through my tears that was NOT how you did it. She didn't believe me. She said they wouldn't be able to hear her if she didn't get out and yell it. Okay, Grandma have it your way.
Now I am a Grandma and I wonder what the grands will be laughing at me about. There will actually be a large amount to choose from. Trust me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Too Busy To Blog

I just realized how busy I have been lately and haven't been able to get any "blog time". We do a fair amount of fund raisers through our church. We have a Teen Dance that we work at once a month all year, and now the Fish Fries. I show up around 2:30 on Fridays to help with the desserts and try to stay for some of the clean up. Then we have a load or two of greasy stinky towels to wash. Thank goodness for Borax.
The picture above is our desserts this past Friday. We have gone back and forth with weather or not to serve homemade desserts. Some years we have and some not. With the economy the way it has been we weren't sure if we would have that many people wanting to pay for the fish dinners, when you can go to McDonald's and get a fish meal for $4 or $5. We decided homemade desserts would be a plus. They were! We have had some nice crowds.
There are so many more charities that need donations right now with so many out of work people. Our funds may start to dwindle quickly.
We are trying to figure out ways for some of the younger women to get involved in charitable work, by making our meetings and activities fun. That is a challenge. So many young women have so much on their plate already, with young children and homes to take care of and after school events. I am afraid it will be tough to recruit some. We'll see.
So this is where a lot of my time has been spent lately. I will get to spend the next two days with Maddie.
I have had an odd thing happen the past 2 days. I have been sneezing like a maniac. Allergies! I usually don't get them. I don't know know why I am this year. We hardly have anything out in bloom yet. Only tiny buds on some trees, so far.
Have a great week!

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever