Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

I will be busy off and on for the next few days, so just wanted to post some pictures and say Have a Nice Easter weekend!

The picture above was one I took at Opryland Quilt Show last summer.

Can you find the rabbit?

This was a fancy pants rabbit statue down on main Street in front of a store.

Another tin type image of a rabbit in front of a store on Main.

I don't have time to find out the answer to my question right now, but I am wondering how rabbits became a part of the Easter tradition?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BBBLLEEEAAAATTTTTT ...bahhhh....Maaaaa......

The blog post title today is what I discovered doing a small amount of research on the internet about "what sounds goats and sheep make". When I went to the Scottish Festival these poor little animals were pinned up in this small cage so that we lookers could gawk at them. The weather that day was very pleasant but I hope they got out of the pen now and then. I am not sure why I feel uneasy about animals being on display, like at fairs and zoos. On the one hand, it is the only way most of us could get a good look and learn about them. But on the other hand it seems so unnatural. As I was standing there watching them, I noticed the sounds they made were not what I thought they would be. Whenever I read a book to our grand baby and there is a picture of an animal, I attempt to make a sound that the animal makes. For sheep and goats I always say bahhh. But after researching it I found they have a few different sounds depending on the different breed. One thing I read was from someone who owned a few different types of goats and sheep and said they all had a different voice sort of like humans. She said that some make a sound just like her small children or babies. Speaking of sounds animals make, I was surprised at myself that I don't know what sound a zebra makes, or a bison, or deer. Lots of animals I may look up to see what sounds they make.

Here was a sign that said to keep other animals away from the cage. I know that the purpose of the sign was to ask people with dogs to not let them get too close and then provoke any animals getting upset, but it made me wonder when they are on a farm would the dogs and cats and farm animals get in fights? Just curious because I have never lived on a farm with animals.

Here is a Tunis lamb. I could never get a good picture of her. So many people wanted to pet her, it was hard to get a picture of just her.

This is a lady who was doing spinning. I talked to her briefly to ask her mainly if she ever has to change feet and give her right one a rest. She said that after demonstrating at the fairs for 8 hours, her hip starts to hurt. She said that she was thinking of investing in a spinning wheel that has two pedals so that she could switch off.

She took the piles of sheared wool and threaded it through the spinner and pulled it back as the threads spun around on the bobbin, if that is what they call it. I am going to guess that the sheared wool is not washed. It didn't look like it was. This is all new to me, and now I wished I had asked her a few more questions.

I took a lot of pictures so when I have time I will have lots to things to blog about. My car is in the shop today, so I will be doing things that need to be done around the house or sitting in front of this computer. Have a great day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Police Horse

Saturday when we went to Main Street, I had just left Picassa's Coffee Shop where we parked and ventured out to see what the Scottish Festival was all about. This police horse was tied to the post and her owner, a police officer was standing there enjoying a cup of coffee. I asked him if he knew when the parade was going to start and he told me it was already over. I asked him if he minded if I took a picture of his horse. This started a conversation about his horse. He told me she was 23 years old and meant the world to him. He bought her when she was young and she had been his partner for many years. He said she had seen him through some pretty tough nights down on Main Street where a lot of bars are. She helped him get though some bar fights and kept him in check when he needed it, he said. We had a general conversation about animals and how they have a sense about them. They know things and sense danger and have a way of communicating with us if we let them. He told me he had just had to put his dog to sleep, and it just about killed him. He also told me that the average life for horses was 25 and she was 23. She looked like she was in excellent health. Her hoofs were shiny and her coat shiny. I wished I had asked him her name but didn't. Since she was shiny, I will call her Shiny. I wasn't aware of how police horses were cared for. He told me that each officer that uses a horse for their duty can buy their own, as he did, and that way they have a strong bond with them. The Police Department has a place that they are kept and cared for and trained. We started getting interrupted by people needing to ask him questions, so I thanked him for sharing his story about his horse and went on my way. She was a beauty, whatever her name was. Maybe I will run into him again someday and ask him her name.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever