Friday, April 17, 2009

Have A Nice Weekend

Not much time to write anything today. I got to be with our grand baby the past two days and I will be out tonight. I had taken these pictures during the Scottish Festivals a couple of weekends ago and there are a few more things blooming out now. I think we are hoping to catch up on sleep and relax. We have a couple of things going on, but not too much. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Having A Little Fun

Just had some extra time tonight after dusting and cleaning and organizing a little and found this picture of a doll and thought I would give it a try. I tried to just do an outline similar to how I was taught to applique quilts. Short faint lines where the fabric should go, before you start stitching. This seemed to work okay with the drawing also. The shading is really hard for me. I feel more confident when I just use pencil and charcoal pencils and some blending with my finger. This time I tried to blend the shading with a white blender thingy I got at Michaels when I bought the basic drawing pencil set. I liked the shading that was in the picture I was looking at, but not on my drawing, so I need more practice. I then tried to fill in with watercolor pencils and ended up not liking that and just not liking these watercolor pencils all that much. Maybe I am not using them right.
I took the picture over in my photo explosion program and clicked on several different things. First I tried the colored pencil in the artistic area of the program, but it didn't change it much. Then I did a gradual tint and I liked that. I think I lightened it up somehow and liked that. Then I put a frame around it. I know it isn't all that good, but at least I am trying. A few weeks ago, I tried to draw a face only picture of Princess Diana and it ended up in the trash can. I am afraid faces are going to be really hard. And shading....and blending. But I am having a little fun with it all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vacation Time

I am starting to get excited to go on a little "get away" to my annual Quilt Show trip next week. The drive is pleasant, the town is adorable and the talent is almost always overwhelming. The collage above is some quilts I have made. The Irish Chain was my first one, and it is now so raggedy I let Clifford lie on it. The next one I made is a king size Star of Bethlehem that I made from a pattern in a Quilt book. The third one is called Weavers Fever that I made for our niece. I took classes at a quilt shop for the Irish Chain and the Weavers Fever. The last one I made is a king size Double Wedding Ring for my daughter and her husband. All are hand quilted and took me forever. I really want to get back into applique like the blocks shown in the collage.

I really don't know how women can make as many quilts as they do. I just don't seem to be able to crank them out like I wish I could. Maybe I enjoy looking at them in books and magazines and going to Quilt Shows more than getting busy and making them....not sure. I enjoy getting to go to Paducah though and seeing all of the beautiful quilts.

Tonight I tried to watch American Idol. There may be 2 young men that I will hope keep going on the show. When they leave I won't watch anymore. I don't know why I say that because I haven't watched any of them so far, just a little bit here and there. One young man in particular made me feel like I was having a nightmare. I won't say which one. I guess I am just not in the mood this year for the Voted Off Shows. Even Dancing With The Stars is not holding my interest this year. And what is up with the commercials like Burger King with square butts, and Hardee's and the sexy woman licking stuff?!?!?!? When did burger joints feel like they need sex to sell burgers! Looking at the sexy woman makes every man want to run out to Hardee's and eat that burger. New birth control maybe? What the hell....Oh dear.....I am really getting old or something.....maybe I need a nice long vacation! No...those commercials are weird!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Art In Many Forms

I took these pictures during a walk to our car from church yesterday.
I don't really know much about them other than whatever the signs by them say.

I have been thinking about trying to draw or sketch or doing
something creative along these lines.
Not sculpting statues though. Ha

A few months ago I checked out some books on beginning drawing from the library.
They sparked my interest a little more.
The past few times I have gone to the book stores I have looked at some
drawing books to maybe purchase.
All of the ones that I picked up just didn't look like anything I would learn all that much from.
I have thought about taking some classes and may someday.

I have just been wondering though if art is one of those talents you either have or don't have. Would classes really teach a person how to draw.
I have a feeling good artists are just born with the talent and if you try to teach them the natural creativity would be hindered.
To anyone reading this that knows more about art than I do,
do you agree with that or disagree?


I just got an email from our Vet's office saying that in 2 weeks they will close up. This is very disappointing to me, because our Cliffie is so close to the end of his life. I was so depending on them to help me deal with all of this. This is not the only Vet service he has had in the past 15 years, but during the past few years we have been there, I have been so happy with the service and care he has had. They have been so personable.... all of them! I was just getting excited about being able to take him to be groomed there his next time. I took him in a few weeks ago because of some rectal bleeding that was due to anal sac infection...sorry I know that is kinda gross, but it happens. They had just told me they were going to start the grooming service and I could bring him in the next time. We have boarded him there and taken him there for all of this shots yearly and he gets an allergy shot every so often. Last year when he had his annual check and shots, I talked to them about his age and what should I do if he should happen to expire at home. They reassured me that they had a service that could pick him up and dispose of his body or if I was able I could bring him in and they would dispose of his body. I tried to prepare myself this time because our last dog of 11 years got hit by a truck right in front of our house and died instantly, and I was so in shock and grief I had to get out the yellow pages and try and figure out what to do. It was very traumatic, as we had a teen age visitor (our daughter's friend) from out of town staying with us. She was due to get back to the airport right around this time. My husband had to put our dog, Arthur, in a wrapped blanket while we drove her to the airport. Then we took his body to a place that would cremate him. Oddly enough it was right next door to the company truck that hit and killed him. I never blamed the truck driver and to tell you the truth, I don't think he was even aware that he had hit and killed him. It was a large delivery truck and Arthur ran under the back tires. He was a small Lhasa Apso dog. I was getting ready to take him to the groomers before we took our friend to the airport and he got off his leash and took off. He had been ill for some time with occasional seizures and when he had these he would lose control of his bladder and bowels. I was never able to make the decision to have him put down. I feel that when a pet is so obviously suffering and in severe pain, it may make the decision to do that easier. The delivery truck accident happened before I had to make that call.
Now here I am with a new dilemma with our Cliffie. I can not see any obvious signs of intense pain coming from his behavior yet. He has skin problems and cannot hear or obey orders very well and occasionally has trouble jumping up on furniture etc. Now I need to find another service to help me with all of these things that are to come. I haven't called the office yet but I am going to guess the economy is the culprit of the closing. Sorry about the long winded post today.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever