Friday, April 24, 2009

Best Quilt Show So Far

Well, I have to say that this show I just went to was the best one I have been to.
I took 400 pictures, maybe more.
I was trying to put a slide show on my sidebar to show them all, but haven't figured it out yet. So I will just put up some now and then.

These pictures don't even come close to how fabulous they are.

It was very very crowded which made it really difficult to take pictures.
I wasn't there long enough to really stare at the quilts and study them.

This was the 25th year and sadly may be the last for this location.
They may be moving the show to another location next year.
I will probably not get to go if they do, because this show I can drive to in one day and not have to spend the night.
Plus the town itself is so personal and I really enjoy going there.
I am really tired tonight, but will put more up later.

Also, Rosy will be in on the Art challenge
and when she puts her pictures up then I will be showing those off.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is a picture of a store front window down on Main Street.
Aren't the cats cute?
And I make, or have made, those sock monkeys, but never a green one.
I make the red heeled ones.
You can still purchase those red heeled socks from Hobby Lobby to make the monkey.
Anyway, the point of this post today is not about the cats or the monkey.
It is about my reflection in the window.
I am not sure at what age this happened for me, but somewhere along my ageing process I started to look back on my life with some regrets.
Regrets of having hurt someones feeling.
Sometimes maybe in a small way..... sometimes in a large way.
I have always wondered if HELL is "feeling the feelings" of a person that you have hurt.
The sorrow of realizing that it was your words or actions that caused that person so much pain.
I have talked to a few people about my thoughts that I am sharing here today, and have been surprised to find out how many people there are that don't experience these feelings.
Some people think that almost everything in their life that has gone sour has always been someone elses fault, or bad luck or something.
I do think that most of us do the best we can with every situation that comes along, but if you fail to see that sometimes maybe you were the one that may have made a mistake...ummm.
It is a painful process to have to experience these feelings, but I usually pray to my creator that when I am going in the wrong direction, I get some assistance to get back on the right path. And when I have hurt someone that I find out about it and try to make amends to them.
Either in a direct way or in an indirect way, I try to make up for it.
Although I am a practicing Catholic I don't use the confessional the way that perhaps I should.
I was not born a Catholic, and I am not sure if that has anything to do with why I don't go or not.
I think I am just more comfortable with a personal one on one relationship with my creator.
So much for "Brenda's Philosophy" for today.
Tune in on Friday or Saturday for the "Quilt Show" pictures.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Very Hard

I am a little embarrassed to put this up, because it was so much harder than I thought it would be. It looked like it would be fun to do, but I tried twice to make it look better and felt this may be as good as it can get. I love the picture of the rooster that I took because he has such neat striking colors blended in him, but I found that really hard to capture. Oh well, I'll keep trying or maybe take a class. No need to tell me it is good. I'll just try again another time. Looking forward to seeing anyone else that tried it though!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Art Challenge Anyone?

If anyone is interested in doing an art challenge of any of these photos let me know. I know there are a lot of choices but I think it would be fun to just have no rules and just pick one and try it and see what happens. If you want me to post them I will, or not, either way. Just let me know if you want me to redirect your drawing to this blog or to yours. Come on...just TRY it.....I dare ya!

Myra's Drawing and Some More Photos

I was so excited to see that Myra had sketched a picture I had posted on my last post. She is going to try and stitch it. She has been showing some pictures of a quilt she did some time ago when she took an applique class. I have really enjoyed seeing her pictures because this was her first experience with applique and she did a great job. Also they have a folksy style to them, which I love. I thought I would put up a few more photos just in case she wants to use them, or anyone else that may have an interest in drawing them or stitching from them.

I should have some free time this week and am so looking forward to it!
My husband and I are planning on going to Paducah at the end of the week,
but for the first 3 days this week I hope to relax, as much as I can.

These first few photos were taken in past years of our wisteria that climbs around our pool. The house we live in now is only our third home during the 32 years we have been married. At the house before this one we had a wisteria also. It is really my husbands pride and joy. Many mornings before he goes to work he trims it back and shapes it and probably meditates on its beauty.

This is picture I took last week on a walk with Maddie.
I should know the name of this tree but I can't think of it right now.

Our Dogwoods and Redbuds and Cherry trees and Bradford Pears
are all out blooming right now and they are all so beautiful!

My husband took these pictures of our wisteria yesterday morning.

This is our Japanese Maple tree
with some rain drops on the leaves that Bob took a picture of.

I will probably find a few more photos later and post them as I have time.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever