Friday, May 1, 2009

Open Doors

Just a little journal of what I have been up to the past couple of days. Our bathroom needed to have the shower area replaced and the work began yesterday. The front door stayed open pretty much all day long, because it sticks and they had to carry things in and out most of the day. I told them to just leave it open. Clifford, our dog, had to stay on a leash next to me all day. I tried putting him in the laundry room and he howled and broke through the fence. He is not used to being confined. In other words he is very spoiled. He is a good dog for sure, but he hasn't had to obey very many rules around here. So, it was a day of knitting and watching TV with Clifford's leash attached to my foot or wrist. With the front door open all day, all the fresh air overwhelmed me. It was a cool crisp day, and as I was knitting the prayer shawl I caught myself nodding off. I would startle myself awake wondering if Clifford had escaped, but there he was, each time, right by my side. I had one of the news channels on all day, Fox or CNN, don't know which. I so rarely watch TV during the day and only watch the local news occasionally.

The swine flu reports got worse as the day went on. We may have a couple of cases here in our area. I will turn on the news later and see if it was confirmed or not. I heard if you are willing to fly, you can get some really good deals on vacations. With all of the house repairs we have had lately, I don't see that happening for us, unless they get down to $50.

Here is a picture I took of my first sock that I will call "Finally".....meaning that I made one that resembles a sock. I lost count of how many times I have tried to make a sock and frogged it because I would have never worn it. At least this one fit my foot. I was still unable to get the toe to look like it should look. I feel I am on the right track though to possibly making more someday.

Here is the prayer shawl I started. It is very simple and kinda boring. Cast on about 60 stitches and then knit one purl one and then knit in purl and purl in knit. ..zzzzzzz.. The only thing that kept me awake was thinking and praying for the person that is to receive it.

The first picture is one that I took at the Nashville Quilt show last year. I liked how the doors were open and you could see through to the other side. My open door yesterday reminded me of that picture. I was also recalling a saying maybe my Mom or Dad used to say when we used to leave doors open. "Shut the aren' t being raised in a barn!" Strange saying really....because when I was growing up, no one locked their doors, cars or homes.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tales From The Trip

Today I thought I would just tell a little story about my trip to the Paducah Quilt Show each year. We usually leave the house around 8 or 9 in the morning and drive for about 1 1/2 hours until we get to Mt. Vernon, Missouri. Here we eat at Cracker Barrel. Most of the time I get the Pecan Pancakes, because they remind me of the way that my Mom used to make pancakes. I think they are fried in a skillet, maybe cast iron. That was her way of making them and that is how they taste at Cracker Barrel. My Mom did not put pecans in hers though. For some reason my Mom always served white Karo syrup when she made pancakes and she heated up the syrup. Funny how we have memories of things like that. I love Cracker Barrel. I love the store and the large fireplace and the food. Oh yes and the rocking chairs out front.

Then after another hour or so on the road we come to an area where I love to look at this home. They have horses and the land just looks so well kept, and it appears to be a large amount of land that the owners have. I doubt I would want to live so close to the Highway if it were me, but still I always admire it as we drive by.

This picture is not all that good at what I am going to talk about next, but it will have to do. I was not ready to view the devastating damage that the ice storm had left behind, while on our drive. The closer we got to Paducah, an area that was hard hit by the ice storm of 2009, a great sadness came over me, as I viewed all of the broken trees. I think I had forgotten about it because I was just excited to get to go to the quilt show. Wow! The damage was just hard to view. It will take a very long time for all of this to get cleared out and cleaned up. I kept thinking I should take more pictures, but pictures are hard to take when you are driving on the highway. I also was just sitting there stunned at what I was seeing. One would not think that broken trees would make a person so sad, but it did.

Finally we get to the show! This was the first thing I saw when I was entering the building. Quilt Man!!!

I do not know the story about him, although I am sure there is one.
I heard the ladies say "Oh there is Quilt Man!"
Then I quickly had to snap a shot of him and hurry inside to use the Ladies Room.
A weak bladder can not wait for the story about Quilt Man.
I never saw him again after this, or heard about him.
Some dude trying to steal some limelight, I guess.

I don't know how this was done.
If I weren't so lazy I would at least look it up, but maybe later.

No this was not the back side of the first one. Ha Ha

Bob took this picture out the window as we were coming back and the sun was starting to set.

I found out how hard it was to capture a sunset picture.
I took many but few turned out.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Few More Pictures of Quilts

Here are a few more pictures of some quilts from the show. I am kinda tired right now from just doing a few things around the house. Sweeping and washing the kitchen floor at our house seems like a never ending chore. It was really dirty, but in all fairness I would have to say it was probably last week sometime when it was washed. Every time I clean it... it feels like I just did it the day before.

Last night a group of ladies from a charity organization I belong to, had a "Project Runway" . My fellow officer and I put together 10 bags of things like, colored tissue paper, scissors, old pieces of cloth, ribbons, newspaper, plastic trash bags, and several other things, and then asked each lady to choose a model and design an outfit with what was in the bag. It was a lot of fun and I think they all enjoyed it. I would show pictures but I doubt I should do that without their permission. Very few of the ladies ever use a computer, so I don't think they would give permission to something that they wouldn't even know what I was talking about. It was fun to see what they could come up with with such goofy things to work with. The planning behind these meetings are a lot of work, and I feel wiped out after wards. It is all for charity though and that perks me up.

Our weather has been cooler thank goodness, because our air conditioner is on the fritz. Now I am finding myself wondering how that expression got started. On the fritz. Just looked it up, and here is what I found. Aren't computers amazing? Now I just need to find myself a "Rosie the Robot" floor washer.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Yard Is Coming To Life

Spring has sprung here in Missouri!
We tried to go to our beautiful Botanical Gardens yesterday
but apparently everyone else had the same idea.
We could not find a place to park.
We could have parked far away and walked
but my broken toes are not bending so well still
and since we just got back from
the Quilt Show
I didn't want to chance
making my foot worse.

So these photos are from our yard.
The first one is our dogwood.
This one above is our Japanese Maple.

I liked this shot with the stones in it.
This tree looks better this year than any other year, I think.

Our wisteria also looks better this year than some other years.
And it smells wonderful!
But the bees are swarming it!

Here is a side view of our pines and dogwood and hosta.

In this photo the wind was blowing and the flowers look like butterflies.

I like the way the light is shining in this one.

I was surprised when I walked around the side
and saw how big the hosta
had gotten in just one week.
Our temperatures have been in the 90's this past week.

I call this lamb's ear, but I don't know the real name for it.
It has extremely soft leaves and grows like a weed.
Later it will get a large purple flower that the bees LOVE.

This is a fresh pine branch that just came out.
The tree itself is not doing well and we may have to take it out.
It got damaged by the ice storm we had a couple of years ago.

These are some bulbs I planted on the side many years ago.
I can't remember what they are called.
We call it the purple onion flower.
Some years they come up
and some years they don't.

More Quilt Show Pictures

This was one of my favorites for a couple of reasons. The colors make me feel happy, and I can really appreciate how difficult it must have been with all of the sharp points. The pattern is called New York Beauty. It won 1st place for 1st entry in AQS Quilt Contest.

This quilt won one of the top four awards for Gammill Longarm Machine Quilting. The fabric is silk and has floral applique and a quilting overlay for a three dimensional look.

This is another one that won one of the top four awards. It won for Bernina machine Workmanship. It is a whole cloth and has so much stitching in it. I just can't imagine how you could pull this off without making so many mistakes, you would want to give up. This quilt is amazing!
This quilt won second place in the Pictorial category. The artist studied ikebana in Japan for 11 years before creating this.

I am not sure if I got a good picture of The Best Of Show which is the top award because there were so many people standing around, I could hardly see the quilt. I am pretty sure I have a picture of the artist that made it though. I will have so many pictures to show it may take me a year to put them up. I realize it could get pretty boring for most of you who visit my blog, that don't share my interest in quilt shows, so I will try to throw in some other things here and there.

The Colorful Rooster

Here are the colorful roosters that everyone drew for my art challenge.

Here is the original picture.

Here is Sandy's

Here is CM's or Laura's

Here is Crusty's

Here is Rosy's.

Here is mine.

Mine has the least amount of color. It looks like it went through the washing machine with bleach. (Ha) Well, anyway I tried and it was hard but fun and a challenge. What I liked about this is that I paid a little more attention to the process of how to do something like this. Everyone who participated told a little bit about how they did it. That really helped me.

The original picture has a lot of stuff on the ground. For me that was just too much to deal with, so I chose not to have a background. Big mistake.

See Crusty used colored paper and chalk. That to me helped make the white in the rooster show up more. Also the red and yellow and orange and black chalk were bright.

I used watercolor pencils and some markers, but neither showed bright colors against the white paper.

Rosy used a combination of watercolor, pencil and felt pen. She said she had trouble with the feet but she created her own, because on the original picture, you can hardly see the legs and feet, so you have to make them up.

Then CM said that she used colored pencil but her picture is so colorful, so I wonder if I just didn't press down hard enough or color over mine more. But she also made her background really colorful and that just made the whole picture look more distinct to me.

And then Sandy's rooster is really good, but she didn't think it was. So she put in some special touches with the colorful circles and the text. Those two additional things made the picture more colorful to me.

Thanks ladies for doing this because it was like an art lesson for me.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever