Friday, June 26, 2009

Try Not To Take Yourself Too Serious....

My blog title was something that a friend once told me many years ago, that I try to remember when I get a little bent out of shape. Like most people I tend to get upset over nothing sometimes, but with age I think I have come to realize that most things are just not worth getting too upset over. Another more pressing matter will come along in a few days and steal the limelight of the thing I was upset about a couple of days ago, anyway. A person could stay in a never ending cycle of rants if you couldn't allow some things to just pass by.
For me, venting to my husband usually helps me to get past whatever is bugging me, but I also have found blogging is very therapeutic.
When I was a teen I had a diary with a lock, as did most young girls then. How silly was I to think that those locks really worked and would keep all readers out of my personal thoughts! I am glad that I don't still have them because I am sure I would be embarrassed at whatever it was that I thought was so important during that time in my life. I would, however, have loved to have read some things I may have written about The Beatles, or JFK's death, or something of a historical nature.

I also loved to write letters. Stamps were 4 cents in 1960. I wrote to my cousins and my grandma and my aunts and later to my best friend when I moved to another town. I loved to write. I think I used to like to practice my cursive handwriting and experimenting with different pens and paper. I remember the first time I wrote on onion skin paper and buying an airmail envelope. Stationary was so much more plentiful back then than now. I have tried to find stationary and have a hard time finding any. I am thinking it just isn't used that much anymore.
Now with blogging, facebook, twitter, myspace, and email as a way to communicate the postal services are taking a backseat. I have found that my handwriting has really gone to hell in a handbag. I also can not spell worth a damn. My grammar and punctuation are hideous also. I do this.... a lot! It is meant to be a pause, but I honestly do not remember what I learned about proper grammar.
I also feel as if some of us may be taking blogging and some of the other social networking too serious. Are we too concerned about our followers and comments, and do we get our feelings hurt if a fellow blogger doesn't visit our blog sometimes? I try not to think too much about those things because I usually just think of all the reasons why a person may not have visited a post I did or left a comment. I know that many times I am reading someones blog post and may even be ready to leave a comment and then the phone rings or I get interrupted and may not get back to that post for whatever reason. None of it intentional, just life gets in the way sometimes. I think with letter writing, we received a letter from a friend or loved one and had plenty of time to answer, and of course the mail was slower then. When I was younger my family only had one car and I walked most of the places I went to. It was kind of a big deal to write a letter and get to the post office. The conveniences we have now make communicating easier, I think.
I have tried to figure out facebook and twitter and I just don't think I am going to get the hang of those two. I am too confused about who is talking to whom. And what are you supposed to say on there....just a one line sentence like, "I am going to bed now." I don't get it.
With blogging I get to ramble on and on and bore you all to tears. And then I feel better. I got to express myself and I wasn't interrupted in the process like when you are having a real-time conversation.
If you have managed to read this far, please leave a comment and tell me if you had one of those diaries with a pretend lock, and did you write long long letters before computers. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My How Time Flies......

Memory stories maybe another day. Today I only have time to say "Happy Anniversary to Us"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inner Simplicity

I went outside this morning and took a few pictures of the remaining lilies that we have blooming. This one turned out okay. I think it spoke to me because it stood out amongst a messy area we have behind the fence. We are getting some bids on some work being done around the house. This particular area is one of them. A couple of trees removed, a stump from a large willow tree removed, and some filling in of ground that has been washed out. We are also having some repairs done on the inside. I am not sure if this has anything to do with my "tiredness" the past couple of days or not. I will not be the one doing the labor, so I can't imagine that being it. It could be that I am just looking forward to a little vacation that we will go on next week. When my mind and body become too tired I have to turn inward, and stay in a nice peaceful contemplative state. It is my re-fueling that I need to keep going.
Our weather has been wonderful, even though it has been hot. I have been able to get out and swim for at least 30 minutes each day and it is like heaven to me. Today I woke up so tired, for no reason that I could think of. I plan on doing some more volunteer work later today and then will get to be with my grand baby the next 2 days. My knitting is still about 12 inches away from being finished. I thought I was close to being finished about a week ago, but I just measured it last night and still have a ways to go.
Do you ever have days when you know you have a million things you should be doing, but all you want to do is stare out into space. That is me today......

Monday, June 22, 2009

Information Highway

If you are somewhere around my age, you may remember a TV show called "I've Got A Secret".
Each round was a guessing game where the panel tried to determine a contestant's "secret". The concept of a "secret" was fairly wide reaching. Secrets were always intended to be unusual, amazing, embarrassing or humorous. They commonly included such types as something which happened to a person, owning something, or an occupation, hobby, achievement or skill.
One or more contestants would enter. The host would introduce the contestant or ask their name and hometown. He would then ask them to "whisper your secret to me, and we'll show it to the folks at home." The contestant would then ostensibly whisper their secret to the host, while the audience and viewers were shown the secret via text overlay on the screen. Then the host would give the panel a clue, for example, "the secret concerns something that happened to [Contestant's Name]." The host would then select a panelist to begin questioning. This show stayed on the air for about 15 years. It aired in 1952 and ended in 1967. I remember watching it off and on over the years it was aired, and thought it was just an ok show. The thing I didn't like about it was that the viewers at home knew the guest's secret. We were only entertained by watching the panelists try to guess the secret. Kind of boring.
I think I would trade "boring" now for what appears to be an invasion of privacy.... to me anyway. I went last week to check into getting a lower insurance rate for us on cars, etc. I was floored when all I gave the man was my name and social security number (not even my husbands) and he pulled up everything he needed to know. There was so little conversation or exchange of information via paperwork . It all happened within about 30 minutes. He simply made a few comments as he saw all of our personal business before him on the computer screen. "Aww...your birthday is coming up soon." "So you had some hail damage in 06" He pulled up a drawing of our home and just verified everything about our home that he could already see on the screen. I once had to have a back ground check several years ago for employment and breathed a sigh of relief when I cleared. (Not that I am a criminal mind you...ha) You also have to get clearance now if you want to tour The White House, which we did a few years ago. We got clearance I mean, but we never got to go on our trip.
Another thing that happened last week was that I had showed up for a Doctor's appointment to the wrong building. When I asked a receptionist about it she told me that Dr. had moved and said she would call them to let them know I would be a little late. All I gave her was my name. I get in the car and my cell phone rings and it was the receptionist letting me know she got a hold of the Dr.'s office and told them I would be late. I wondered how she knew my cell no. She found it on the computer, through my files at that location. I know that... but it just seems weird that things can be found out so quickly and easily via the information highway these days.
I hope we are heading in the right direction with all of this. It really scares me sometimes if I think about it too long.
A future game show could be called "I Know Everything About You". How could that be any fun though. No mysteries left to solve. Does this mean I won't be able to enjoy my favorite mystery novels.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Reflections

That mystic light-
it comes from
the wild sea
that washes the
Irish coasts;

from the heather
that covers its hills;

from the moaning winds
that crowd its woods;

from the woods themselves
with their silent life
and mystic gloom;

from the open meadows
and the summer night;

from out of the scenery
and association and life
that becomes a part
of the Irish character,

there comes
that strange yearning,

that great desire,
that unwillingness
to be part
of the commonplace,

that restlessness,
energy and fire,
which as a dissolvent
set here in America life

makes crass materialism

and sets across
the face of our land

a rainbow
of light and hope

which in color,
form and setting

takes from the earth
its fascination

and tells us
of the better things

the brighter land.

Archbishop John Glennon

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever