Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to You...

We are planning on going out to dinner to celebrate Bobby's birthday tomorrow, because it falls on a weekday and it is hard for us all to get together with work and everything. The photo above is of me expecting him when I was maybe 8 months along. Bob had some business in Florida that week and I got to go along. I think this was in Miami. I lounged around in the pool area for most of the time we were there. About a month later our perfect little boy was born.
Happy Birthday Bobby!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiny Stitches...

I am not sure how well these will show up on the computer, but if you can click to enlarge you will see some very tiny stitches. This is a wall hanging that I purchased in the late 70's at one of those parties that you have at home, like tupperware, only crafty things. I have a vague memory of stitching this early in our marriage. I used to hang it up at Christmas time every year. The backing has worn over the years and needs to be replaced so I haven't done much with it the past several years. I rediscovered it this past week somewhere amongst the rearranging of our house. I kept looking at it with my reading glasses trying to figure out how I ever made the stitches so tiny. I am sure it was a pattern printed on cloth and then you just cross stitched it, but they were much smaller than an ordinary aida cloth kit. I didn't take a picture of the entire piece because I just wanted to show the little stitches. It is the 12 Days of Christmas theme.

By the way, have you all noticed the Christmas decorations and Thanksgiving and Halloween out in the stores? Fall is just around the corner. What a fast summer that was! Hey isn't even August 1st yet. We still have another month at least! Thanks goodness...I am not ready for fall just yet.

Knitting Updates

I know this is really pathetic but I had no one else to pose for the shawl but Mickey Mouse. This is the prayer shawl I made.

It is not 100 % finished yet, so I have no immediate plans to donate it to anyone. I need to fix a couple of my goofs.

Here is the beginning of my next project. A baby blanket that has blocks that you join or sew together like a quilt. It is simple with just a stockinette stitch, but when it is blocked and joined together it gives it a quilt sort of look. I love working with this yarn. It is alpaca, but I don't know enough about yarns yet to understand why it is only 30% alpaca and 70% acrylic. The yarn for the prayer shawl was called homespun and was 98% acrylic and 2 % polyester. I did not like working with that yarn at all. It separates and is easy to miss all of the yarn in the needle while you knit. I am pretty sure I have a book around here somewhere that explains the different yarns. Just have to find it.

This book is on loan from the library, so I may need to make copies of the pattern. I have already renewed it twice. I do like the book though so I may end up looking for it on Amazon.

I also have the little rag that goes over the swifter going. That is only supposed to take an hour to make, so hopefully it will get done quickly and then I can try it out and see how it works.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What Is Going On With Hollywood????

I wanted to watch some movies while I knitted the other night and scanned the movies on the new release wall. I quickly picked out the CODE because I like Morgan Freeman. What a disappointment. Not the thriller I thought it would be. I am also really tired of seeing people naked in movies....and doing the humpty dumpty.

While The Reader was a better movie than the CODE, I was also disappointed with the nudity and sex scenes. I thought being naked was against the law. I am pretty sure that if I get in the car and go shopping at the grocery store naked, I would get arrested. And kicked out of my family...ha! And most likely land myself in the looney bin. I really am not that much of a prude because I don't think naked bodies are offensive. When displayed as an art form in a drawing, painting or sculpture, I think it is attractive. I just don't enjoy watching a movie that is so revealing.... of what I feel is a private thing. I think from now on I may have to investigate a little more before I go out and rent a movie.
If Hollywood keeps this up, we will eventually know what they all look like naked, and not because most of us want to. Come on Hollywood...I like a little mystery left to my own imagination. An example of what I mean is a scene from Gone With The Wind when Rhett carries Scarlett upstairs. We know what happened...but we didn't have to watch them naked doing it. Okay so after all this discussion I am having with myself...I have to admit....I am a prude!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day At City Garden

We have a new development in our city called City Garden. Bob and I and Katy and Maddie took a drive there the other day to see what it was all about. My blog has become my journal and scrapbook of my weekly activities, so I hope I don't bore any of my friends and visitors of my blog with too many photos. This post may have a few too many so I apologize ahead of time. I liked the photo above because of the reflection of the arch in the building.

The City Garden has several sculptures. These circles were pretty interesting, but I actually just liked the way this photo turned out with the angles of the large white buildings in the background.

I also liked the stone wall they put in surrounding the gardens.

A few young people having some fun on the circles.

It was a hot day so there were lots of young people cooling off in the fountains.

This head sculpture ....I don't know what to say about it. To me it was too weird. There are some forms of art that I just don't get.....

A naked woman....."Help,I've fallen and I can't get up".....?????????????


A bird with strange shoes...........

Liked the reflection in this building.

Don't know what the pointy thing is in this photo, but I do love architecture with interesting shapes and I liked the way this photo turned out.

The red building is The Wainwright Building. It is a beautiful building with an interesting story. Click on the link to read about it.

I liked the stone wall with the waterfall.

Bob was trying to show Maddie how to make a wish and throw a penny in the water. This park is brand new and I don't know if the sculptures are on loan and they are going to have traveling sculptures or what the plan is. It reminded me a little of Millennium Park in Chicago. Not quite that large though, but I thought the atmosphere was very pleasant.

Aside from this day trip into the city, I finished the prayer shawl I had been working on and don't have photos of it yet. Maybe this week sometime, I can get one together. I have started 2 other knitting projects. One is a blocked baby blanket and the other a knitted rag that you put around a swifter broom, made with cotton yarn. I hope the rag turns out, and works well, because the yarn to make it is only a little over a dollar and the sheets for the swifter are getting a little expensive. Plus I like working with the cotton yarn.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever