Saturday, September 5, 2009

Silly Saturday

Would you like to play a game?  Just fill in whatever you like.... preferably the first thought that crosses your mind when you read this.

Experience is the name
everyone gives to their

Friday, September 4, 2009

Finally Friday...and A Three Day Weekend!

Today I could hardly control my excitement of the leisurely fun that I had.  I did 4 loads of wash and 3 hours of ironing.  After that I rested me weary little tootsies in front of the computer in search of a book I wanted  to order from Amazon.  I have checked it out from the library for 2 months I think.  If no one else requests it I suppose I could check it out until the cows come home.  I think it is my God given right as a library card holder...not sure.  I have been knitting a baby blanket for a special little babe and decided I would just try and purchase the book, because I am not a speedy knitter.  I have always been able to find most any book on Amazon and was surprised that I could not find this one.  Just hope that when I call to renew tomorrow no one wants it.   I tried to scan in the pattern but could not lie the book flat enough to capture it all.  May have to resort to writing it out by hand.  I think I could also do a little research on Ravelry which I always forget that I have access to.
And thus lies the story of my Fabulous Friday Events.  Hope that everyone has a safe and fun filled weekend!

Twirling Thursday

The day flew by and now it is 12:20 am on Friday. So this is an update of Thursdays activities. I took a friend to a therapy session and then went to get my hair cut. I looked around for some pj's for the baby so that I have some here at all times for the days when I get to have her overnight. I really do not like shopping and don't have a lot of patience for it. I shop like a man...I want to get in there ...find what I need ...and get out..asap. I don't like wandering around looking and looking and looking. Maybe once in a blue moon I am "In the Mood" for it, but not often. I got back and made supper and then had a meeting for an event at church. That meeting was not over until after I am on the computer unwinding. I tried to visit some blogs and kept signing off of blogger instead of just clicking the back button to the previous page. I have new computer that has Vista and I am really having trouble getting used to it. It warns you every single time you visit a page and I don't seem to be able to make the time to study the features and see if I can adjust them to suit me. I have tried about ten times to fix my blog list so that it shows the updates and I know when someone has posted a new post. But...I keep hitting the back button because that is what I was used to doing on the old computer and then my list does not save and then I have to start over. So.....maybe in about 3 to 6 months I will have gotten the hang of this. Changing my template may not have been the best idea either, or at least until I got used to the new computer. I could easily change it back and may, but I did want a new template, so I will give it few more days.
Off to get some sleep you can't wait to see what shocking and exciting tales I have for tomorrow! Hahhahahah.........b o r i n g......posts.... I know.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wild Wednesday

Started out the day with a the repair man coming early to fix the washing machine. He really did remind me of the Maytag repair man in the photo. He told me an interesting story about how they trade work with others. Say I had a business selling magnets or paper products, I would get a discount on my repair in trade for them using some of my business items. I like that idea. I wish I had had a business to use some of that trading today. The bill was $200. Note to self to start a business soon.
After that I pulled weeds and edged the lawn and mowed. I then cleaned the filter on the pool and put chemicals in, hoping to go for a swim. I got a phone call from a church member who needs a ride to her therapy session tomorrow. I got distracted by the dirt on the kitchen floor and started sweeping and mopping. Since my machine was working I decided to wash all the rugs in the house. Then I vacuumed the main floor and cleaned the bathroom. Next I dusted and tidyed up a few things. Then I went upstairs and cleaned 2 bathrooms up there. I dusted and vacuumed upstairs and cleaned all the mirrors. I finished up the wash and realized my feet and ankles were not doing so well. I remembered twisting my ankle while I was mowing and thought maybe I had better slow down.
The rest of the evening I plan on doing something that does not involve me being on my feet. It is almost 6 pm and I don't remember eating today. Better go get something. Then I will think about that business I need to start....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Tuesday.....

I started out the day by paying bills, and then a trip to the grocery store. I managed to stick to purchasing some fairly healthy food items. I am trying to be more conscious of not buying processed foods and only preparing fresh items. I wanted to get a haircut but couldn't fit it in. I brought the groceries home and realized the washing machine was broken. It had a full load of towels with a tub of hot water in there when it quit. I called a repair man to come out for the following day.
I had lost one of my contact lens on Saturday and had made an appointment to go to the optometrist to get it replaced for Tuesday. I had my appointment for 1:30. It turned out I needed both of them replaced after the exam. Bummer...because of the expense of having to replace both. I have gone to this same Dr. for about 30 years and realized how old we are both getting and how young we were 30 years ago. I found myself feeling a little sorry for him because he has to say "Is this better or this better....better here or here..." You know the drill. They have to say the same things over and over and over for years. He has been spending more time in front of the computer while I am waiting in the room though, so I think his mind is slowing down somewhat....ha. He also put two contact lens in one eye. Mine not his. He wore glasses. I wondered why....with the corrective surgeries they can do now. Well, I think I just answered my own question. An optometrist would want to advertise glasses so that he could stay in business.
After the exam I went to pick up Maddie from daycare and she hadn't had a nap there, so she was a little wound up. Even when she is wound up she is still adorable though. Love her so much!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Me and Maddie Day

Monday I got to spend the day with my little Maddie. This photo is at her house on Sunday when she was playing with her kitchen. She has on a cute little knitted skirt that a friend of Katy's knitted her. We spent the day at our house on Monday. Went for a walk and she took a good nap. She ate good and was pretty much a happy little girl all day, and I was a happy Grandma. Her talking has really taken off and she says her ABC's and numbers in order. I made sloppy joes and corn on the cob for supper and she loved the corn and meat, but not the bread.
I am going to try to record at least one paragraph a day of what I do. The yoga and diet are not going as well as I would like for them to. Some days I do well and some days not. But I will keep trying to make it work.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where Did The Summer Go?

The last time I mowed the lawn I was getting in the mood to plant some flowers and then realized that it is too late! Summer flew by like a jet for me. I know I could plant mums, etc. but won't. I guess I will just have to plan something for next spring.
I also messed up my blog a little by adding this new template. I had been searching around for a different look and had 2 blogs set aside just for testing. Thought I was ready, but lost my sidebar things. So I will be re-doing those when I have time. Have a great Sunday!

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever