Saturday, September 12, 2009

Loverly Saturday........

Bob and I decided to go where the wind blew us today and since we were hungry for lunch, the wind blew us only to our Main Street.  We ate at an Italian Restarant that we had not eaten at before, that is very close to our favorite Coffee House.  The food was pretty good, I thought.  The atmosphere was pleasant enough.  When we stepped outside, it was quite noisy from the annual Bikers Club...or whatever they call themselves.  I am drawing a blank right now.  I know they have a name and Bikers is in it and they are a Club.  Nothing quite like the Hells Angels that terrorized everyone back in the late 60's.  Those guys really scared me.   
Bob decided to read a book on a bench while I strolled down the shops.  I saw a sign that said there was a Quilt Show down by the Train Depot.  I was able to get a few photos to share. 
The one above is a butterfly quilt that reminded me how much I want to make one for Maddie.  I will probably use a pattern similar to one that I have that my Grandmother made though.
Very pretty star themed ones.
I have not really done any quilting for about 5 years now.
I am afraid I may have forgotten how.
I still love to see them at shows.
This one has some nice jewel tones.
We have a nice gazebo area right around the middle of the walk on South Main.  The day went by way too fast.  Everyone here has been sick.  I think Maddie got it first and then Bob.  Katy and Brian went to Texas for work related things, and Katy was sick when she left, and then Brian came back sick yesterday.  He had a fever today and we watched Maddie for the afternoon until it was time for her to go to bed.  Now our son Bobby has it and has to get up to go to work tomorrow at 5 am.  We have lots of DayQuil and NightQuil.  Hope it by passes me..........
PS....If I have mispelled things it is because I don't know how to use the spell check on my new computer, or the new version of blogger.  I have become so lazy about checking my spelling without spell check, I would rather just apologize than look up the correct spellings. laziness is getting in ex cus a ble.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yesterday and Today.............

Yesterday Bob had to work for most of the day.  I did a few things around the house and fiddled with my blog layout and finally got it "almost" just right...for my taste anyway.  I am pretty happy with it.  But knowing me....I will change it again in a few months.  I am like that.  Love changing things around and trying new things.  Bob got home from work in the early afternoon, and was ready for a break, so we headed out to Barnes and Noble and got some coffee and I looked through about 10 magazines and chose these 2 to purchase.  I am a little disappointed in the Debbie Bliss magazine, but still wanted it, just because I bought the first one and may become a new collection.  I have about 20 years of "Quilters Newsletters" magazines around here.  That may have been my last big collection of magazines.  When I am ready to part with those I want to find just the right home for them.  A home where someone will cherish them as much as I did.  So what if I never made a quilt from them.  I still loved to look at all of them and read the stories.
I also had to get this latest Windows Fall issue.  This has several things I think will be useful for me with my new computer, which I love by the way.  There is an article about how to deal with some of Vista's annoying issues.  They listed 10, but I will only use 2.  The other 8 don't bother me.  Plus my new computer came with a free upgrade to Windows 7 coming out in October.  And there are some helpful things in this article. 
After we shopped for a bit, we all had a meal together and Maddie was really cute.  She is talking so well now.  Bobby was flying her around the house and she loves that game, and she said "One more time, please".  I think that was the biggest ...full sentence ....I have heard her say so far.    Tonight she is coming over to spend the rest of the week with us while Katy does some training in Texas.  I spent today doing things around here like mowing the lawn, etc. so that she can have my full attention.  I probably won't get my showers until after she goes to bed.  Remember those days???  Trying to squeeze in time for your own needs like bathing, when there is a toddler to watch over.  Last night I only got 3 hours of sleep, so I may try and lay down for a bit.  Our weather has been wonderful!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where Has My Motivation Gone........

I am feeling extremely lazy today and completely unmotivated to do anything.  The only thing I have accomplished today is going to church and working on my agenda for the auxiliary meeting at the end of the month.  The rest of the day I have sat in front of this computer surfing around.  Now it is 6 pm and I will probably just knit and watch some TV.  I don't think there is anything on that I would be interested in watching so I may have to dig around in some of our videos until something looks good.  I could watch some old "Lost " reruns and try to get back some interest for the final season coming this January.  That is one of those shows that you either really like it or you really don't.  My husband does not like it much, nor my son or son-in-law, but Katy and I are hooked.  January seems like a long way off, even though the last 3 months went by way too fast!  I look out at the pool and feel sad because we will have to close it up in about a month, and then look at the dreary dark cover until Spring time.  I didn't get to swim nearly as much as I wanted to this summer.  I hope our weather gets warm enough to get in just a few more times.  I have a feeling that we will have an early Fall though....sigh.....

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever