Saturday, October 10, 2009

You've Got Mail.......

One of my blogging friends offered to write some of us a letter or note, and I told her.."Sure! Send me one... I love getting letters and cards." Her name is Kat and she tells some great "Blasts From The Past" stories and is also a "Prolific Poet" and writer. One other thing we have in common is that we both have the lines from "Amadeus" memorized. That movie came out in 1984 and I think the first time my husband and I watched it was maybe 1986. We have watched it so many times over the years we can recite most of the lines. Our son was just a small boy when we watched it and his favorite part was when the naked man ran quickly across the screen. We tried to fast forward it but, it just became a joke after awhile.

Here is the card Kat sent me. She has such pretty handwriting and I would love to get more letters from her. There is just something exciting about going to the mailbox and seeing a letter or card from someone. I will invite anyone reading this to email me with your address and I will send a letter or card to you, and feel free to send me one also. The computer has made it so convenient to get instant messages via twitter and facebook on our cell phones, etc. But I wish we had more opportunities to practice our handwriting. So email me if you would like to participate in this dying art. I would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day At The Zoo

What a wonderful weather day we had today for our trip to the Zoo! Here is Miss Maddie checking out the map telling us where she wanted to go first. Just kidding...she is not that old yet.

One of the first things we did was to let Maddie ride on the carousel. Here she is with Uncle Bobby. She loved this so much, she cried when it was over, begging to go again.

Most of the animals were out today and that is always a plus when you go to the Zoo. This elephant stood so still, at first I wondered if it was a sculpture. But finally he or she did move a little bit.

None of these photos are going to be in an kind of order, because blogger is not allowing me to move then around very well, and I don't have the time or patience to mess with it right now. I also took 200 photos and will only put up a few tonight.

She posed for this one pretty well. She is at an age where it is really hard to get a photo of her looking at the camera. My daughter can manage to capture some really good ones, but she is a much better photographer than I am.

Our Zoo in St. Louis I think, is one of the best in the country. I usually don't like seeing animals caged up and confined and out of their natural habitat... just so that we can look at them, but our Zoo has done a really great job of giving the animals lots of space and settings that hopefully are somewhat similar to how they would live if they were not at a Zoo. I know it really isn't the same...but better than most places maybe. I haven't been to a lot of City Zoos before so I really don't know, other than I have read that we have a good one, and going there today again, I agree with what I have read.
I think the Penguin House was Maddie's favorite. One of the larger penguins was a silly guy. He kept swimming around close to the edge of where we walk and making a big splash and got us all wet. I say that he was silly because after we walked away, he made another big splash, and the person that works in there, called him by his name and said something that made me think he must do this all the time. Just being a little stinker.

This handsome little guy looked like he was going to break out in a song or an opera.

Two small black bears and this one really put on a show for us. He stood up for quite a long while and then when a train went by he took off running.

This is a baby elephant. I wish I had zoomed in a little more on this one, but all and all the day was perfect. I may put some more up another day. If you are ever in St. Louis, I hope you get to visit our Zoo.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Drive Next Week...yeah!

Today I felt pretty lousy because I did not sleep well AGAIN. I have also been having a weird symptom of not being able to stand smells, like hairspray, cleaning products, and even those trash bags that have a scent in the bag. I have actually had this strange disorder for a few years but lately it seems to have gotten worse. I still like and can tolerate the smell of Gain Laundry Soap and fabric softener, and a few light scents like that. I got really sick one day at the grocery store when a lady passed by me with what seemed like too much cologne to me. But it may not have been too much, I don't know because I know whatever is going on with me, it is not normal. I accidentally bought a scented hairspray about a month ago and it gave me a headache and made me sick and really crabby. I tried to google this weird thing, with no results. Maybe it will just go away, hopefully.
Tomorrow Bobby and I are going to take Maddie to the Zoo. We had rain today and then are supposed to have rain Thursday and Friday. She will be visiting me on Thursday and Friday also. I haven't seen her since last Friday. Miss her.
Then on Monday Bob and I are planning on going on our annual Fall drive. We are still trying to decide where to go. I have not been to an area called Elephant Rock in Missouri and to the Current River area. Both would be a few hours to get to, and if it rains we probably would not go. There is always our Alton area that is really beautiful, no matter what time of year it is. Sure do hope the rain will stay away for our drive.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brain Reboot

Our weather was great today so Bob and I went out and about in the city. Everyone else had the same idea so we were unable to find any place to park at The Zoo, The Botanical Garden, or anywhere else we tried to go, so we ended up just driving around and going to one of our favorite restaurants called The Elephant Bar for a light lunch and then to the Mall next door where they have a Barnes and Noble. I picked out 12 magazines to look through while we had coffee and I narrowed down my selection to 3 magazines, one being the Time Special on the Brain. It is a big issue and so far the most interesting thing I have read is about some new research being explored using a technique called repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, which administers a series of magnetic pulses to the head. They induce a low-level electrical current in neurons that seems to reset the brain and improve mood. How does it work? No one seems to know. But the best hypothesis is that when the pulse is applied to the cortex- a higher region of the brain-it helps restore synchrony with lower regions like the limbic area. Scientists liken the results of a computer after rebooting. This caught my attention because I used a magnetic hematite bracelet a few times to help with my tendinitis, and it worked like a miracle for me. Wouldn't this be a great thing, if it had no side effects? Just a little zapping and it snaps us back into a better mood and maybe jars our memory at the same time. Bob and I were just talking about how as we age our minds wander sometimes trying to land on a thought. It really is annoying. A little magnetic zapping machine to restart the old thinker.
Last night I had a nightmare that I was trapped in some kind of a computer world and was unable to talk to a real person. I knew it was bound to happen. I have been on this computer too much and doing too much interacting via the keyboard. Well...maybe not too much. I do lots of activities that involve me being in contact with my fellow humans. All of this electronic socializing does make me wonder though...where is it all going to lead. What will our lives be like 5 to 10 years from now.
Myths and Mythconceptions
Rumor: It takes seven years to digest swallowed gum.
Truth: Despite what you heard on the playground, the gum you swallow doesn't exactly linger in your gut. It's true that your body can't digest gum, but it still shoots it through your system at the same speed as other foods. So, swallow away? Not quite. Pediatric studies have found rare cases in which children who gulp down multiple pieces a day can end up with wads of the sticky stuff blocking their intestines.
That little bit of info was not in the Brain Magazine...but in one called Mental Floss. Curious Minds want to know these things.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever