Saturday, October 31, 2009

Review of My Week

Don't let this flower fool you into thinking we have had a good weather week because we have had so much rain, that we have had some areas flood. It has been non-stop, and I don't mean anything light. Hard down pours. It felt as if it would never let up. The photo above... I think I captured it right before it started. It is of our one lone flower that sprouted out of no where really, because I didn't plant anything this year. I did start some flower seeds early in the spring and only a couple of them survived. This could have been one of them.

Monday night I had our monthly meeting with the Ladies Auxiliary. Another lady from the organization and I are co-Presidents. She ran the meetings last year and I am running them this year. There is usually a fair amount of preparation that goes into just having a meeting, so Sunday and Monday I was busy with that.

Tuesday Maddie came down with a cold and couldn't attend day care so her and I hung out together. We mainly watched Wonder Pets...her favorite cartoon show. The rain prevented us from even getting to go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Wednesday, Bob took off a couple of hours to watch Maddie while I had lunch with some high school friends. I have known these ladies ever since we were in the 8th grade and were best friends back in the day. Family life and children kept us from getting together very often over the past 35 years, but when ever we do make the time to get together, we enjoy catching up and remembering a few funny episodes that happened in our youth, like laughing so hard we wet ourselves. We chuckled that it doesn't take much to wet ourselves at the age we are now. Just kidding....I don't have to wear Depends YET. Hopefully that will be a few years down the road.

Thursday, I walked around somewhat sleep deprived because I had some kind of weird itchy skin thing happening all night Wednesday night. I felt like I wanted to scratch all my skin off, but resisted because I knew it would make it worse. It felt more like an internal thing and not an external rash, so I wondered if it was pre-diabetes or something. My Mom had late in life diabetes and that was one of her I called my Dr. to get an appointment and they were all booked up until the middle of November. They said if it got worse to just go to the Urgent Care and they could run blood tests. Well...knock on wood..Friday it was better. Thursday night I took an antihistamine and went to sleep and so far it hasn't come back.

So today is Saturday and Halloween and I suppose I will go buy a bag of candy for the Trick or Treaters. Have a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Genealogy and Names

I felt like I needed to clarify my poll on my sidebar of baby names for our new grand child. Some of them may sound odd to you, but they were put on the poll as a joke between me and my daughter. Haskell, Bird, Lum, and Boots are family names. My Dad's first name is Haskell, but the other three were from census records that I found one winter when I was researching my genealogy. You won't find them on the photo above, though because my records are in hiding somewhere around here, for the time being. I need to find them soon though, because I have been wanting to get together with my cousin soon so we can compare notes.
Hard to believe that anyone would name their child Boots or Bird. Makes me wish that I had asked my Grandma when she was still living, what those names meant. Lum, I think could be an Irish name, as was Pinkney....I think???? There are quite a few odd names in my family, and my daughter and I get a kick out of them. But when I decided to do this post, I tried looking up some of these names to see if there was anything on the web about them. I couldn't find out anything, but did run across this page, with celebrity baby names that are pretty...out there. Many are just so difficult to pronounce and Bird and Boots don't seem half bad. Just kidding!!!!
I have one side of my family going back to 1820. When I have to go back to the original countries, which will be Ireland, Scotland, Germany and England, it will get much more difficult than searching here in America.
I think it is fun and interesting, but very time consuming. And so far there isn't anything very legendary about my family history. But if I keep looking who knows what I may stumble upon.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
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