Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Took The Plunge....

Yesterday I took the plunge and went to 24 Hour Fitness and signed up! Today I had my first meeting with my trainer and learned how to use 3 of the hundreds of machines they have. My trainer was really nice.... except for the part where she didn't seem to believe me when I told her I gained 30 pounds within 6 months after having a hysterectomy, and another 30 when I took anti-depressants and that... is how I got so overweight. She went over the fact that 1 lb. of fat weight equals 3500 calories. I don't want to argue with what seems like a logical scientific fact, but I do know that Doctors are FINALLY agreeing that those two factors can cause weight gain. They used to say that anti-depressants caused weight gain because they make you feel hungry and you eat more. Now they just say they can cause weight gain....period. I think you can gain weight without over eating...the same way that stress from a death in the family or divorce, etc. can cause weight loss or weight gain. I have seen it happen many my lifetime. But...of course I could just be in denial that I consumed 245,000 extra calories that caused the weight gain. But when you are in denial, you don't know that you did that...right? So I am sticking with what I said before.
Anyway...other than that.. it felt really great to try something different. I know that exercise is going to make me feel a whole lot better, and I am excited about going. I was a little leery at first about having others watching me exercise, because I have been known to be a klutz at times....but maybe it will just create some funny stories to tell to the grand kids. I've got plenty...but I can always use a few more.
Our weather was EXTREME today!!! I don't know what the temperature was, but while I was out the wind was fiercely freaking freezing! I think about 900 people in the city lost their electricity and several trees blew down. We had light snow, but no accumulation. I had to go to the store to purchase a lock and small towel before my appointment, and went to put the items in my trunk and the wind blew my trunk on my head. OUCH!!! Not a good way to start out to the gym. No brain damage that I have noticed yet though.
Maybe later in the week I will talk about a book I just finished by one of my favorite authors, Vince Flynn. Right now I am freezing and have to go get under the covers!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Early Christmas Present From God

My son gave me this orchid for Mothers Day about 5 years ago and when he gave it to me it had a beautiful bloom on it. I had never had an Orchid until this one and tried to care for it according to what I had read about it. I re potted it in soil that is specifically made for them and fed it with food made for Orchids. It did not bloom however, after the blooms died off....until now!!!

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this shoot coming up on it the other day! After waiting 5 long she is about to burst open with a gorgeous flower or flowers....looks like maybe there are 3 or four!

My African Violet is also in need of some tender loving care as it has split off and made another plant.
When the orchid blooms I may take a photo and use it for my header photo or avatar for awhile.
Thank you God for this most enjoyable gift.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever