Saturday, December 19, 2009

Life's Road..........

Bear with me while I reflect on life a little bit here. I have been feeling somewhat better today , after being asleep for the past 2 days with a flu bug that knocked me out with body aches and a slight fever. I don't know about you but when I get sick I tend to get a little depressed. Not sure why that is, but I get a little weepy. It seems that things have just been popping in front of me, testing me to see if I will break. So far I have avoided an all out crying jag, but tears are welling up just a little too often. I ran across some photos of Clifford and I missed him, just looking at his picture. I remembered how soft his fur was, and his bad doggie breath, and how much he loved to follow me everywhere and sit close to me. Teary moment for me..., but really it should be a teary moment. We should miss our friends when we can't see them any longer.
And then today, we went to get Maddie a new dresser with Katy, and I didn't get to see her this week because I was sick. She gave me the biggest hug, and even though she is only 2 I think she sensed we hadn't seen each other this week either. Teary..a little again.
Then we got home and I went to get the mail. Here is a Christmas card from Rudee. Teary again. I was so surprised that she remembered me when she made her cards out. Thank you dear friend.
Then I got on the computer and see that Flydragon, who I came to know from Rudee's blog, has passed away. I really only exchanged a few comments back and forth with her over the past year, but she seemed like someone I would really like if we were to meet in person. She had a great sense of humor and I used to love to read her and Rudee going back and forth. She gave Rudee a Hot Air Balloon Award that was funny.
You just never know where the road will lead us during our daily travels. I sure wasn't expecting to meet people through blogging and actually care so much for them, especially when I may never get to meet any of you face to face. But I find that I do care....a lot about all of you that I have visited these past two years. I remember I started blogging right about this time 2 years ago, right before Maddie was born. One of my first blog posts had a picture of "Harvey" the Jimmy Stewart movie as a topic. I said that I thought blogging would feel something like talking to Harvey....
Well....surprise surprise none of you are like talking to Harvey. You are all very real to me. Thanks for visiting me....and for your friendship.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Flu, flu, go away...come again.....never. Feeling yucky.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Can't Sleep.....

Well...I over slept this morning and now I can't get to sleep. I have too much to do.. to have... too little sleep. I would do some cooking that I need to do tomorrow but I don't want to wake everyone else with all my pot clanging. So thought I would just clang on the typewriter instead. Whoops...this isn't exactly a typewriter, thank goodness. I remember those crazy things. My first typing class I think we had 2 electrics and all the rest were like this one. may not have been quite this bad, but close. The keys were really hard to push. How my fellow classmates typed 70 wpm on those I will never know. I love the little short close together keys on this laptop. Whenever I have to use a regular computer keyboard I even have trouble pushing the keys down. I sound so wimpy.
But....two wonderful things happened to me today at the gym. First...I found the bathrooms, and yes they really were hidden. Very odd place for a potty. Second...I did so well... the trainer promoted me to higher weights and longer counts, or whatever you call the number of times you do the exercise. I walked out of there proud as a peacock. I thought ...."Not bad for an old". Maybe this time next year, I will be able to lift a car or something.
I have also been messing around with my blog templates again and losing the blog roll. That is always the first thing to go and a hard thing to recover. I have a couple of test blogs just for those times when I want to change things around and not lose anything on this one, but it doesn't always work, when I go to changing things here. I am just not that slick with computer things like that. While I was over at the testing blog, I noticed when I came back to this one that the font is really large. So if anyone reads this post let me know if you think it is too large and looks ridiculous.
Tomorrow I may change my hair color to a darker one also. (If I have time) I do that sometimes...go back and forth from blond to darker. I always think the darker will make me look younger and hide some grays, but I think I just like to change things up every so often.
Off to search for a tasty appetizer recipe for a party Wednesday.........

The first photo was taken down on Main St. Just thought I'd throw that in.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Too Many Days to Catch Up On....

This is a very bad picture of what was a beautiful snowflake made by a lady that partners with me as President of the Ladies Auxiliary. We had our annual Christmas party and she surprised me by bringing 18 of these for decor at the hall. I was very impressed. Just made out of paper. My camera was not cooperating and the photos came out blurry no matter what I tried. I did however, find the video of how to make them on line.
How to make a beautiful paper snowflake for decorations. Click here.
I have not been doing very well on keeping my "Days" journal here, but it is after all a very busy time of the year. I have been attending the gym every day since I joined and have not ruined any machines or made a fool out of myself just yet. I am still feeling like the new kid on the block..wandering around not sure of where anything is. I was searching around the other day looking for a bathroom, and was unable to find one, even in an area that I thought would be an obvious location. Where the lockers and showers would think, but they seem to be hidden from me. I looked around twice and didn't see them. Most of the people I see there have on headphones and are listening to something, so I don't want to bother them. Tomorrow I plan on finding the bathrooms and learning some new machines.
Last Thursday and Friday I spent the days with Maddie and she was sick on Thursday night and Friday. Saturday she was over it though and she had a nice day with her Mom and Dad.
Saturday we went to church to set up for the party and then came back after a little while and got ready to attend Mass and the party afterwards. The food was really good and we received an award for Family of The Year. It is nice to be appreciated and recognized, but I try not to do things expecting anything in return. I guess I should be more gracious if someone tries to throw a compliment my way....but I usually just end up getting embarrassed. Either that or I get defensive. Like when someone says..."Oh I like your hair." I tend to think... boy it must have really looked bad the last time you saw me. I need to work on that. I should just smile and say..."Thank You!"
This week...lots of activities, everyday and 3 evening functions so I hope I can squeeze in some knitting time. There is no way...that I will complete the things I wanted to give as gifts. Oh well....maybe next year.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever