Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blooming Orchids

My header picture is of the orchid that is bloom right now. My son gave me this plant several years ago and it is just now blooming again. They are such beautiful delicate plants. The photo I chose to display here is just a picture I took last summer of a farm nearby. It reminds me of a nice warm summer day when the clouds were so beautiful! Today I took my daughter and grand baby to the airport. She had to take a car seat, stroller, small carry on bag and a larger bag to check. I pulled up to the drop off thinking a porter could help her get most of it all inside. There were no porters to be found. So I locked up the car and helped her get inside to a check in line. She called me when she got to her destination and said that no one would help her with the baby and all her things like they used to. It appears the stewardess's are not allowed to help anyone anymore. I don't know what was up with the porters. It makes me wonder how the airline industry is ever going to survive. I remember a time when people felt okay to put a younger child on a plane because 1. you could wait right there at the boarding gate with them until it was time to board 2. the stewardess would assure you they would be well cared for, and you knew the person picking them up would be right there when they got off. Now you can not go wait at the gate with anyone, and the stewardess are apparently not allowed to help anyone. I really wonder what the industry will be like 10 years from now.... or even 5 years from now. I am disturbed by this, but I guess you just have to do what you have to do, and make the best of it. I have never enjoyed flying and have never had to. I only fly to visit friends that live too far away to drive, and have gone on a few business trips with my husband. Fortunately he rarely ever has to fly for business anymore. Well....just had to vent a little bit there. Off to do a little knitting.


Rudee said...

The orchids are amazing!

The thing about flying is that nobody cares anymore. We're all captives on a bus with wings when we choose to fly.

It really is an unpleasant experience anymore. Still, I'd fly out of here today if I could...straight to someplace warm and tropical.

Winifred said...

That's lovely having the orchids in bloom again. You were very patient. I was wondering whether to throw mine out!

That's sad about your daughter in law struggling with the baby. Maybe it depends which airline you fly with for stewards' help. They do vary a lot. Not sure about US airlines but of the British ones, I'd pick BA any day, I've always found their stewards helpful and really pleasant. I think the airports are struggling at the moment everyone is preoccupied with security. Maybe staff have been diverted from normal duties.

When we flew to Heathrow last summer we travelled with a disabled lady from Australia we had met on the cruise. The stewards requested help for her from the plane and they quickly came to pick her up in a buggy no problem. She emailed me later and said the chap who collected her was really great.

The Bug said...

Beautiful orchid pictures! And I love the one of the barn. As I look outside my window where it's still snowing I can remember that next spring it will look like YOUR picture!

The Crusty Crone said...

Beautiful orchid... just lovely.

Airlines... no service and if you enter the plane you no longer have any rights.

Remember service stations? Remember how service was their top priority. Clean the windows front and back, check the oil, maybe check the water... and then they ask if there's anything else they can do for you. All at no extra charge. those were the days!

Patty said...

Happy week-end, the orchid is beautiful.

Rositta said...

Amazing orchids, I love orchids and own five of them. One is currently blooming as well. I remember the days when my stepsons used to travel from California to Toronto and the airlines took good care of them. That was over twenty years ago. Recently my DIL had to travel with a young child, stroller, car seat, diaper bag etc. She was also not offered any help and during the security check was asked to take her shoes off while holding a squirming toddler, huh...were they nuts. Not one person offered to hold the baby for her. As for me, getting the wheelchair at the airport is always hit and miss. I no longer like flying but I don't have much choice. Rudee, I'll join you somewhere

Poetikat said...

I won't be heading out to get on a plane anytime soon, I can tell you.

It's nice to come to your blog and see something other than snow and ice.

Renie Burghardt said...

The orchid's are gorgeous, Brenda! I love the color, too.

My daughter flies every Thanksgiving week from Cleveland to St. Louis, and rents a car a drives out here, and she and the granddaughters don't have too much trouble. Maybe things have changed now with the big security scare. I don't like to fly. My sons want to take me to Hungary and Austria, but I can't imagine sitting on a plane for 7 or 8 hours.

That's terrible that no one helped your daughter. Things are going down the tube anymore, aren't they?

Well, 2 more days of the bitter cold, then we finally moderate to the more normal forties. Stay safe and warm!



Gramma Ann said...

Love the orchid header. They are such a lovely color.

As for the flying, I haven't flown for over 30 years, and don't plan on flying anytime soon. It seems things are going from bad to worse.

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