Saturday, January 2, 2010


Wow! What a wonderful evening Katy and I had last night going to see Chicago at the Fox. She is my BFF for getting these tickets and getting her old Mum out of the house. Seeing a live performance like that just makes you feel so....alive! The talent was just amazing. I could hardly believe that they could dance AND sing for 2 1/2 hours like that in such a flawless manner. I expressed this to Katy on the way home, and wondered if they were lip syncing most of the music as they danced. Not sure if I will find out the answer to that thought, but I know that I can barely talk and walk up a flight of stairs at the same time. Wow...I just can't say enough good things about all the talent we saw. The costumes are very skimpy, but it just reveals how much "in shape" they have to be to wear so little. I was distracted at one point, by a woman that appeared to have only pantyhose on exposing her backside. It caused my mind to jump back in time, to when I was in my late 20's. I had joined a gym for a short time. It was very unlike Vic Tanny or the gym I belong to now. It was a one room gym for women only. They had only a few machines, one of which was this fat shaker belt thingy.

I think those machines would be hard to find these days. Ha! Well.... anyway back in the "day" it was required that you come in a leotard type outfit. I remember when I signed up, they asked that you come dressed in something similar to these. By the way, I still own one of these Jane Fonda Videos. It is where I learned how to do the "Grapevine".

I arrived all ready in my required outfit and did the circuit, as instructed by the trainer, with the fat shaker belt and a few other crude (by today's standards) machines. Next it was time to line up for the floor exercises. An over weight lady arrived late, rushed into the changing room and joined us. She stood directly in front of me in nothing but see through pantyhose and a large tee shirt. I have this character flaw of laughing hysterically when I am nervous or uncomfortable. I couldn't control myself for the duration of the floor exercises and had to excuse myself as quietly as I was able. That lady was really NOT dressed in the required get up. It is funny how things like seeing the lady dance across the stage last night... triggered a memory like that from 30 years ago. TEEHEEE....HEHEe...chuckle chuckle..snort snort....


The Bug said...

My mom had one of those belt things! I thought it was great fun to get on it & vibrate away. Hmmm. I never noticed that it helped with weight loss or toning though...

I always hated the grapevine - I have two left feet & it felt like there were four when I tried that move. Heh.

Glad you enjoyed the play!

Myra said...

Sounds like a wonderful mom/daughter evening was had! Very nice!
You never know what is going to trigger what memory from your past... that is the fun thing about it! Glad you had your chuckle! 8-)

Patty said...

How wonderful that the two of you were able to spend some quality time together and have fun at the same time. Happy New Year to you both.

Renie Burghardt said...

Sounds like Chicago was pretty great! In Pocahontas, Arkansas there is a Dinner Theater. That's the closest I can get to seeing a live performance. But it's pretty neat to go to as well.

Your reminiscing about the exercise class was a hoot. And I have the same trait. I laugh uncontrollably when I see something I think is funny! I can't stop myself. Haha.

Have a great Sunday, Brenda.



Rudee said...

Your stories are hilarious. What a great memory!

I'm glad you enjoyed your night on the town.

Sandy said...

Enjoyed your memory of that lady, haha. How fun that you got to see Chicago and wow, I would love to have Katy for a daughter.

I haven't felt much like being on line lately. Glad I came on to read your post though, it was fun and sorry to hear about your extremely cold weather. We have been in the 70's lately and I'm loving it.

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